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The Best Garden Games For Summer

02 May 2022


It’s hard not to love the sunshine when living in Britain. Cloudy skies and rainy weather are replaced with sunshine and good vibes, with the odd shower still managing to sprinkle itself in here and there.

Thanks to the majority of the year being sun-deprived, once the British summertime begins it’s time to take full advantage. As soon as the temperature rises it’s time to get into the garden or any nearby green space and play some outdoor games.

But, we must make the most out of any summery weather we get, so make your garden extra fun with plenty of outdoor toys and garden games. Use whichever space you have to create your garden Olympic games, complete with gold medals and prizes.

Need some inspiration for your garden games this year? Take a look at our suggestions that we’ve handpicked as the best addition to your garden this summer.

Water Garden Games

On the odd occasion that the temperature tips over the 20-degree mark, having some super fun water-based outdoor toys can help kids, adults and even pets cool down.

Try out the Water Park Set to get your kid’s creative juices flowing, whilst keeping them entertained with sandcastle moulds and water wheels and funnels.

Want to get everyone moving? The Rainbow Arch Sprinkler can make for a great way to keep people entertained, without completely flooding your garden!

Competitive Garden Games

Once you’ve chowed down on a delicious picnic or BBQ burgers, keep your energy high with some competitive garden games for all of your loved ones to enjoy.

There’s nothing like a bit of healthy competition to keep the good energy going throughout a long summer’s day. Get ready to drop shots in the back garden with a tennis set, or get your team together for a pro badminton session.

If you don’t have as much space and you don’t want to risk a stray ball flying off, bring the golf course to your garden instead! A crazy golf set will always go down as a treat and can keep the kids occupied for hours at a time. But if you’re on the lookout for something unique that will intrigue even the most sunburnt guest, this giant archery set will test how steady your hands are as you all aim for the bullseye!

Creative Garden Games

For most families, finding things that help their kids enjoy summer without getting bored can be difficult. Often, phones and video games take the top spot for our families, but these creative garden games are great for steering your kids to the outdoors.

They certainly don’t have to be boring either! Encourage creativity through messiness with a mud kitchen, designed to help your children cook up some questionable dishes out of whatever they can find in the garden. It even comes with chalkboard panels so you know what meals are on the menu for your summertime BBQ!

If you don’t fancy tucking into mud this summer (we can’t blame you), create a sensory experience for your younger ones with sand. Fill a container or an empty paddling pool and help your little ones feel creative with multi-coloured play sand that is designed for safe and clean playtime.

Bigger Garden Games

If you have a larger garden or outdoor space that you’d like to spruce up with some garden game fun, try out the kid’s camouflage gazebo. It’s a great way to let your smaller loved ones enjoy the outdoors but stay out of the sun and can be a little den for them to enjoy in the evenings, complete with blankets and pillows.

Or, get everyone up and about before they’ve eaten with a bouncy trampoline. Plenty of garden games can be fun, but jumping around on a trampoline is hard to beat and is always a fun time, no matter how old you are.

Do these great garden games sound like the perfect way to spend a summery weekend with your loved ones? We'd love to see your garden games and all the outdoor toys and products you enjoyed! Share your buys with the B&M Community on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.