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The Great British Staycation: 7 Reasons You Should Holiday in the UK in 2021

14 May 2021


Many people’s holiday plans have been cancelled or put on hold until next year, so what is the next best thing? That’s right, a staycation! What’s a staycation you may ask? It is a holiday spent in your own country, which can include overnight stays or day trips closer to home.

This article will highlight 7 great benefits of a British staycation, including:

  • No Airport Stress
  • Less Travel
  • Save Money, It’s Cheaper!
  • Take the Family Pet
  • Discover Hidden Gems in the UK
  • Less Planning
  • More Family Time

No Airport Stress

The airport, the dreaded airport! Nobody enjoys the rush, the unbearable lines, security, or the hours spent waiting for your flight, and we have not even mentioned the screaming child that is going to be sat right next to you on the plane! Choosing a staycation means you can pack as many clothes as you want because there is no weight restrictions on your luggage, and no getting out of bed early in the morning to catch that flight!

Less Travel


Spending your holiday time in the UK means a lot less travelling. No long-haul flights to the USA, which never seem to end. Holidaying at home means you can jump on a train, get in your car, hire a campervan, or even get the bus to your destination.

Save Money, It’s Cheaper

If you’ve ever travelled abroad you know how expensive it can get. Taxis to the airport, flight tickets, and the exchange rate are just a few areas in which you can save money on when choosing to holiday at home.

Take the Family Pet


Nobody likes to leave the dog at home when going on holiday, saying goodbye to your best mate for a week or two can be a difficult task. Having a holiday in the UK means you can take the family pet with you and they won’t miss out on all the family fun!

B&M Top Tip: Why not get holiday toys for the dog and some outdoor games for the kids.

Hidden Gems in the UK


The UK has so much to offer and it could only been a short distance from your doorstep. The UK has mountain trails, stunning beaches, small villagers with quaint pubs and restaurants, hiking trails and so much more. We often get distracted by the warm weather abroad that we are blind to what the UK has to offer.

Here is a list of places you must visit in the UK, these include:

  • Cornwall
  • Lake District
  • Brighton
  • Somerset
  • The Yorkshire Dales
  • Snowdonia
  • The Scottish Highlands

B&M Top Tip: If you plan on taking your bike on your staycation then check out our wide range of Bike Accessories.

Less Planning

When travelling abroad you only have a limited amount of time in the country before your flight home, so you must plan carefully. With a staycation there is still planning but it is not overwhelming, you will not feel rushed at any tourist attractions you want to explore.

B&M Top Tip: Ask locals for tips and guidance on how best to explore your chosen destination.



Why not invite all the family? There are no long-haul flights nan and grandad cannot do, you will not have to worry about entertaining the kids on the plane, and you can bring the beloved family pet. Create unforgettable memories with the whole family!

Have you got any hidden beauty spots in the UK that only you know about! Why not share with the B&M Community on FacebookTwitter & Instagram!

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