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Top 10 Easter DIY Crafts for Kids

26 March 2020


Easter means school holidays, which means parents are tasked with conjuring up idea after idea for kids’ games and activities! Luckily, this article contains all kinds of fun, creative and easy Easter craft tips that your whole family will enjoy - even on a rainy day.

Read on for our favourite Easter DIYs.

Colourful Easter baskets


Pick up one small woven wicker basket per person, then get hold of (or craft) some simple paper flowers and leaves. You’ll also need green pipe cleaners (for the stems!), good strong glue and a pack of fluffy Easter chicks. Your little ones may need some sticking assistance!

Bend the pipe cleaner around the rim of the basket and glue it on. Attach the leaves and flowers to it, then stick cute little chicks onto the handle and around the rim as if they’re hopping all over. 

Wait for the creation to dry and you’re ready to collect some eggs!

B&M Top Tip: Cut a yellow 6 point star and a smaller orange diamond out of coloured card. Stick the diamond onto the middle of the star and you’ve got a lovely daffodil!

Pom pom chicks

  • Make pom poms by wrapping yellow wool around two cardboard rings, passing it through the centre of the rings and around the outside edges until all the cardboard is heavily covered.

  • Cut around the circle between the rings (carefully).

  • Tie a piece of string around the middle, between the rings.

  • Remove the rings.

  • Add googly eyes, feet and a beak!

Paper bunny ears

  • Cut out a cardboard band that will wrap right around your little one’s head.

  • Draw and cut a pair of card rabbit ears.

  • Now your kids can colour and decorate the ears and stick them to the headband when they’re finished to become the Easter bunny!

B&M Top Tip: A cotton ball at the back of the headband as a tail is a fun touch.

Pace eggs


A fun Easter tradition! Simply boil some eggs, wait for them to cool, then decorate them with paints and stickers.

Store them in an egg carton or a fun container or basket until you're ready to see which egg rolls the furthest!

Salt dough egg cups

Just 250g of flour, 125g of salt and 125ml of water makes a big ball of salt dough.

Your little ones can create any egg-cup design they want. Once it’s ready, pop it in the oven and bake it for 3 hours (or until it’s hard). Let it cool, then paint it!

B&M Top Tip: Shape the dough around a boiled egg or just press one in gently before baking to make an indent.

Easter decorations

For something really simple, you can pick up some ready made Easter decorations and spend an afternoon decorating the house!

Treat bags

Your kids can fold up these lovely treat bag kits to make their very own Easter egg containers.

Easter bonnets

These adorable hats are another great Easter DIY that comes pre-prepared!

Egg-shaped cards


Fold a colourful piece of A4 card in half horizontally, then cut out an egg shape. Leave the folded edge intact.

Now your little ones can write messages inside and decorate the front of the “egg” with paints, glitter glue and other materials.

Easter origami

Look up some simple origami guides online and spend the afternoon making cute paper bunnies and chicks with your family!

B&M Top Tip: Find everything you need for an Easter egg hunt in our Easter section!

We hope you love these fun Easter craft ideas for kids. Whether you’ve made baskets, pom-poms, ears, eggs, egg cups, decorations, bags, hats, cards or origami, why not share the results with the B&M Community via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram?

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