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Wellbeing Advice: Tips for Looking After Yourself

26 January 2021


Let’s talk about you. That’s right. We want to know how you are.

We don’t always put ourselves at top of our own agenda. Whether it’s running around after the kids or putting in the overtime at work, it can be hard to put ourselves first. Which is why we’ve put together a few simple wellbeing tips to help you look after the most important person in your life: you.

In this article, we’ll encourage you to make a few changes and maintain those good habits you already have, such as:

  • Starting or maintaining an exercise routine
  • Swapping an unhealthy meal with a healthier alternative
  • Treating yourself to something naughty (as long as you hit your goals for the week)
  • Finding time for something you enjoy
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Talking to friends and family

Start or Maintain an Exercise Routine


Exercise isn’t just a great way to stay physically fit; it’s key to improving our mental wellbeing too. Benefits include helping us get a better night’s sleep, releasing feel-good hormones and helping reduce stress and anxiety.

It allows your brain to focus on the exercise at hand, and less on stressful thoughts. And you don’t have to run a marathon a day to feel the benefits. Check out these 11 No-Equipment Exercises You Can do at Home – there’s something for everyone!

Swapping an Unhealthy Meal with a Healthier Alternative


We all have our favourite dishes, and sometimes those favourites aren’t exactly what our bodies should be getting. If you’re finding you have more than one takeout dinner a week, try and swap at least one for a home-cooked meal.

You can control what goes into the dish (the more veggies and fewer foods full of trans fats, the better) and have peace of mind you’re contributing to your own healthier lifestyle. Why not try one of these Irresistible Veggie Recipes?

Treat Yourself to Something Naughty

While a healthy diet is vital to good physical and mental wellbeing, it’s important to treat ourselves now and then.

If you just can’t resist that bar of chocolate, a few biscuits with a brew or your favourite ice-cream for dessert, then don’t worry. No one’s asking you to cut your favourite treats out of your life entirely. If you can stick to your own exercise routine, snack less between meals and swap out fatty foods for healthier ones at mealtimes, then no one could begrudge you tucking into your favourite naughty treat every once in a while!

Find Time for Something You Enjoy

What would you be doing right now if you didn’t have washing to do? If you didn’t have kids lunches to prepare? If you didn’t have to go into work?

Whether it’s reading a new book, sitting down with a brew and a crossword, colouring-in, getting out for a run or playing your favourite video game, it’s important for your mental health to still find time for things you simply enjoy doing!

B&M Top Tip: it’s okay not to be okay. If you’re really struggling with you mental health, it’s important to know that you’re not alone and that there’s help at hand. The NHS provides urgent support to anyone who feels like they can’t cope.

Get Enough Sleep

A bad night’s sleep won’t only affect yourself, but might also affect those you live and work with. A lack of sleep can put you in an irritable mood, as well as contributing to feelings of stress and anxiety.

While some function best on just under or over the recommended 8 hours, finding the right balance for you is vital to a healthy mind-set and physical wellbeing

Visit the NHS website for a list of benefits that a full 40 winks can have!

Talk to Friends & Family

While the nation is in lockdown, it’s easy to feel more isolated than ever; especially if you live on your own or you and your partner/family live far away from your extended family, such as your parents, siblings and grandparents.

Staying in touch with people you love and who love you is a simple yet effective way of boosting your mental health, and staying positive during tough times. Give Grandma a ring to see if she’s completed that jigsaw yet; video call your parents to let them know you’re okay; and keep in touch with friends via instant messaging and social media.

*The above information should not be used in place of professional medical advice. If you experience any of the symptoms described in this article, please consult your local pharmacist or GP. If you need someone to talk to, you can call Samaritans free of charge, 24 hours a day on 116 123.