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Wonderful Wooden Greenhouses: Why Choose Wood?

17 February 2021


We're always looking at ways to brighten up our gardens and we think we may have found the perfect new addition to yours!

Ever thought about a wooden greenhouse? The real question should be: why haven't you thought of one before? Read on to have all your wooden greenhouse questions answered, including:

  • Why Buy a Greenhouse?
  • Benefits of a Wooden Greenhouse
  • How to Maintain Your Wooden Greenhouse
  • What Kinds of Wooden Greenhouses are Available?


Why Buy a Greenhouse?

Before we consider why wooden greenhouses are a great choice, let’s first review why you should buy a greenhouse in the first place.

A greenhouse offers year-round space for starting off seedlings, growing exotic specimens or simply growing a larger variety of vegetables throughout the year. You can control the temperature with window vents and heaters, offering your plants the optimum conditions they need to grow.

A greenhouse also provides a comfortable working space to enjoy your green-fingered pursuits. Even on rainy days, you can be busy in your greenhouse.

Plus, all your compost, pots and trowels can be stored under your potting table for a convenient work centre.

Watering is also made easier when all your plants and grow-bags are gathered in once place. Many large greenhouses have built in guttering which you can connect to a water butt. Eco-friendly, chemical-free water that your plants will love.


Overwintering all your garden planters is made easier with a greenhouse. Protect any plants from the frost, winds and snow by keeping them tucked up in the greenhouse. Even in winter a greenhouse can be a few degrees warmer than outside.

The Benefits of a Wooden Greenhouse

Quite simply, a wooden greenhouse is a beautiful garden building.

With its wooden beams, a timber greenhouse blends seamlessly into the natural landscape of your garden. The ample glazing provides views of your plants in all stages of growth, rather than staring at the wooden side of a shed.


Who would disagree that a wooden greenhouse is prettier than the sheets of plastic and not as harsh as the shiny metal of aluminium greenhouses?

The wooden framework also makes it very easy to add hooks and shelves to the greenhouse. Plus, with most potting tables being made of timber, the finished look is fit for the finest of gardens.


Wooden greenhouses are also easier to repair. If the worst happens, a carpenter can usually fix a broken piece of frame far more easily than trying to find replacement parts for an aluminium greenhouse.

Maintenance of a Wooden Greenhouse


A wooden greenhouse does require TLC but, giving the love it deserves, it could last 20-30 years or even more. Timber is a natural product. Though strong, it requires support to withstand the elements.

A greenhouse made from dip treated timber will need to be treated annually to maintain its anti-rot integrity. This can be fiddly with so many window panes, but is a worthwhile job in return for enjoying the beauty of natural timber.

A greenhouse made from pressure treated has the benefit of having the preservative forced deep within the wood. This means that it will not need treating for around 15 years. However, always give it a seasonal check over. It can be painted or stained to freshen the appearance if you want.

Shop for Wooden Greenhouses


To explore our wooden greenhouses, planters and cold frames online and available for free home delivery, take a look here. Please note that there are delivery surcharges for a few remote postcodes. T&Cs apply.

Which wooden greenhouse did you go for? We'd love to see how your garden project is coming along! Share your new wooden greenhouses with the B&M Community on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!