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Your favourite cleaning brands are ALWAYS at low prices at B&M

05 April 2016


Like many supermarkets, you’ll find B&M’s shelves stocked with the biggest and best brands. But unlike other supermarkets, you’ll always find big brands at low prices.

We’ve brought you 5 of our best cleaning products that you need to add to your shopping list, helping you tackle everything from stubborn shirt stains, greasy kitchen surfaces, grimy bathrooms and sticky floors, while reducing the cost of your weekly shop.

Cif Floor Cleaner 1L- £1.00 (Was £1.49)

Imagine a floor cleaner that doesn’t leave any streaks. A cleaner that leaves a fresh smelling fragrance rather than a soapy residue. Imagine a lovely blast of Wild Orchid hitting you every time you walk into your kitchen. Imagine yourself enjoying a nice cup of tea with the time you’ll have saved with one of the leading cleaning brands. You don’t have to imagine, thanks to Cif Floor Cleaner.


 Surf Washing Powder 45 Wash - £4.99 (Was £6.99)

As well as coming in a variety of fresh fragrances -from Tropical Lily to Lavender- Surf gives you amazing cleaning power. Plus, as a biological detergent the enzymes contained in the powder that help remove stubborn stains work best at a lower temperature, meaning less energy used and less spent on bills.

B&M Top Tip: We recommend washing at 30° when using bio detergents


Comfort Fabric Conditioner 1.5L - £2.49 (RRP £3.96)

With clothes that smell this good, overcoming mountains of laundry won’t feel like such a chore. Fabric conditioners should leave clothes feeling gentle on your skin as well as protecting their colour. Luckily Comfort does all that and more, with 100% longer lasting freshness and a special odour defence formula.


Domestos Bleach 750ml - 99p

Nothing protects as long as Domestos. This trusted household brand has been a mainstay of our bathroom cleaning cupboards for more than half a century; there must be a reason we still keep it under our bathroom sinks. Its extended germ kill ensures germs don’t reappear after flushing, keeping your toilet cleaner for longer.



Persil Small & Mighty Non-Bio Detergent 25 Wash - £3.99 (RRP £6.79)

It might be small but you can bet Persil it’s mighty! Kind to sensitive skin, this liquid detergent comes with a Stain Eraser Ball for measuring out dosages and for pre-treating really mucky stains. And in this 25 wash bottle, you’ll get more washes for your money.


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*all pricing correct as of (5th April 2016)