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Guest Recipe: Jasmine's One-Pot Pizza Rice

Guest Recipe: Jasmine's One-Pot Pizza Rice Guest Recipe: Jasmine's One-Pot Pizza Rice

We’ve all been there deciding on what to have for dinner and just not knowing what to make because of time and convenience. If freezer food is not taking your fancy but you’re still short on time, this dish is one to keep in mind.

With Autumn showing its appearance, this dish couldn’t be more ideal to have on your meal plans for the upcoming months. It’s packed with many flavours, and colours, and is scrumptious!

This One-Pot Pizza Rice has pretty much all the ingredients you would need for a basic Margherita pizza apart from the dough - simply put that into rice, stir it and serve.

It’s so simple to make and requires one pot, which is great! No more spending ages on washing up an overload of dishes, this is as minimal as you can get with the very few dishes required. All you need is a big frying pan, a chopping board, a spoon and a colander.

It makes for a perfect family meal as you can change up the number of portions easily. What I love about this dish is that you can be as open as you want with it whether you have a preference for rice, seasoning, or any extra ingredients such as chicken, which I added to this dish.

  • Prep Time: 10 min
  • Cook Time: 30 min
  • Total Time: 40 min

Serves: 4 min

Category: Chicken,Dinner


  • Chicken (optional)
  • Italian seasoning
  • Basmati White Rice
  • Passata
  • Baby Plum Tomatoes
  • Salami
  • Fresh Parsley
  • Fresh Mozzarella
  • Salt & pepper


  1. Dice & cook the chicken off first. Season with a pinch of Italian seasoning mix. Once cooked, leave on a plate to one side.
  2. Boil the rice for approximately 10 minutes on high heat. Season with a touch of salt. 3. Whilst the rice is cooking, chop up your tomatoes, salami, and parsley.
  3. With the rice now cooked, add your chicken and the remaining ingredients into the pot with the Passata and give that a thorough mix. Leave for a bit so that the rice soaks up the Passata and the ingredients come together with the sauce.
  4. Once the sauce has thickened, top the pot with some fresh parsley, mozzarella, and some salami pieces.
  5. After a short period of time the mozzarella should have melted slightly into the sauce, and then you know that it’s done.
  6. Finally turn the heat off of the stove, serve and enjoy your favourite refreshing beverage!

Having leftover ingredients is a nightmare especially when you don’t know what to make. What’s great about this dish is that for any leftover ingredients, you could make some small bagel pizzas, and sandwiches or pop the remaining ingredients in a pasta dish.

With this dish, you could also opt to enjoy some garlic bread or dough balls. Even though it’s not recommended to reheat any leftover rice, this meal doesn’t take too long to make so it’s ideal for families and times when you want something straightforward to cook up after a long day.

About Jasmine

Dining out and trying interesting dishes at restaurants and cafes can be so exciting with Italian cuisine being my go-to for their flavoursome dishes like pizza and carbonara, I could eat them every day and not get bored. I have always had a spark for cooking growing up, and after living away from home for university, I began venturing into different foods to put together new dishes.

My inspiration comes from well-known food sites such as BBC Good Food, Buzzfeed, Tasty, Instagram, Tik Tok, and Pinterest. Find more of my creations and content on my blog, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok at Jasminefitze.