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Quick Tips to Save Energy at Home with B&M - in Partnership with 'It All Adds Up'

13 February 2024

In partnership with the Government’s It All Adds Up campaign, we are sharing a range of energy-saving tips to help you reduce your energy usage and save money on your energy bills, with simple no or low-cost actions.

Small actions can make a big impact. But it’s important to ensure you don’t reduce the comfort or safety of you or your home. Which is why B&M has put together this handy guide, bringing you practical ideas, top tips and energy-saving products to help you lower your energy bills.

It all adds up | #ItAllAddsUp | GOV.UK/SaveEnergy

1) Switch to LED lightbulbs

LED lights are more efficient than traditional bulbs and last longer too, meaning you won’t have to change them as regularly. 

Top Tips: Turn lights off when you’re not using them. If you switch a light off for just a few seconds, you’ll save more energy than it takes for the light to start up again. So make sure you experience that ‘light-bulb-moment’ the next time you leave a room! Switching to energy saving light bulbs could save you up to £540 a year. 

B&M recommends Eveready 60W B22 LED Bulb 10pk

2) Energy Efficient Laundry

Reduce your washing machine temperature and where possible, skip the dryer to save on energy bills.  

Top Tip: Washing clothes at a lower temperature can save you up to £20 a year and using your tumble dryer less could save up to £50 a year.  

You can pick up your own heated airer at your local store. B&M recommends the Addis Heated Clothes Airer 12m, and heat up your clothes, not the whole house.

3) Don’t Leave Appliances on Standby

A quick and easy change to your home and lifestyle is to ensure that appliances are not left on standby. Turn TV’s, radios and computers off at the wall or invest in plugs that ensure your electronic device is not left on. 

Top Tip: Turn off the power switch at the socket or unplug appliances from the socket when they are not in use to save up to £50 per year.  

B&M recommends the Eveready 24hr Plug-In Timer Sockets 2pk mean you don’t need to leave your electronic devices on standby - just set the time you want them to turn off and on!

4) Spruce up Your Showers

Take shorter showers to save on water usage or install an energy efficient showerhead to reduce the amount of water used and ensure you aren’t wasting money. Reduce the temperature of your hot water tank to 60 degrees and insulate it to be energy efficient. Ensure this is following current guidelines to avoid risk of contaminating your water tank.   

Top Tip: Installing an energy efficient shower head can save you up to £40 a year. 

B&M recommends our great water-saving products in-store, like shower heads that reduce the amount of water flowing out of the head.

5) Prevent Heat Loss

Ensure that your home isn’t losing precious heat out of windows or doors and radiators are bled to work as efficient as possible to keep your home warm. This means that you’ll be able to keep warm without paying as much to heat the water. Ensure that any ventilation points are not blocked or sealed when preventing heat loss.  

B&M recommends great products that help you retain heat in your home, like the Exitex Under Door Foam Draught Excluder 914mm and Exitex E-Strip Self-Adhesive Rubber Roll 5m.

6) Keep Your Boiler & Water Tank Happy 

Get your boiler serviced to ensure it is working efficiently to keep you warm. If you have a hot water tank, you can invest in a hot water cylinder jacket to keep it insulated.  

Top Tip: If you have a combi boiler, reduce your boiler flow temperature to 60 degrees to save up to £70 a year.

7) Keeping Cosy

Remember to turn radiator valves down to a lower setting when you’re not using rooms. People over 65, children under 5 and those with pre-existing health conditions are more vulnerable to cold temperatures. Make sure you are warm enough and have a minimum indoor temperature of 18°C (setting 2 or 3 on your radiator valves) to ensure you’re healthy and comfortable. 

Top Tip: Turn down the radiators in rooms you aren’t using to save up to £50 a year. 

If you want more savvy energy saving tips to see you through this winter and beyond, check out our Top 10 Energy Saving Tips For Winter blog. We also have shelves stocked with great energy-saving products, plus plenty of products to keep you warm and toasty this winter. Here are just a few examples of what's in-store!




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