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10 Cheap and Cheerful Toy Storage Ideas

26 December 2016

 Go from messy mayhem to an oasis of calm with our 10 amazing toy storage ideas


Christmas Day has been and gone and your house now resembles a bombsite of building blocks, Star Wars figures and Barbie dolls. While the Christmas holidays are still in full flow, it’s a good a time as ever to address this problem head on and work out the best way of getting your house back to normal.

Toy storage ideas are everywhere, but here are ten of the cheapest, easiest ideas that can turn your home from messy mayhem into an oasis of calm. Good luck!

Shoe holders

Image credit: Buzzfeed

Those fabric shoe holders that you hang off the back of doors can be a great storage solution for holding individual items like cuddly toys and dolls & action figures. They normally have around 24 pockets – and provides a cheap, hideaway storage device.

Large jars

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See through jars are brilliant for keeping craft items contained. Crayons, chalks and felt tips can be kept safely away from mischievous hands!

Magnetic strips

magnetic strips
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We love this – magnetic strips used for kitchen knives can be attached to walls to hold metal items like toy cars. Such a great idea, as anyone who has a car-obsessed kid knows how many cars one little person can have!

Fabric bags

Image credit: Buzzfeed

Jute bags – the kind used for reusable shopping bags – are really useful storage devices. However, we came across this idea and think it’s genius. Just attach some large-handled hooks on the door and you’re good to go. Cheap, easy and hidden away!


Image credit: Sophie Friend, Pinterest

Hammocks are great for the storage of lightweight, bulky items like cuddly toys. Hammocks with suction pads on are great for bathroom toy storage too – just fix them onto tiles with the suckers.

Hooks and basket

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Baskets are great, but they overflow, take up floor space and often get in the way. Use the wide expanse of unused wall space that’s available and get handy with a screwdriver. Attaching little baskets neatly on the wall can look great, and provide well-needed storage of items like Lego, play figures and little toys.

Plastic drawers

Neat, self-contained and sturdy, this four-drawer storage unit is perfect for bedrooms, playrooms and bathrooms to store crafts, paper, books and toys.


Walls are a much underused storage space and shelving can look really effective in rooms. Use shelving for the storage of books, toys and even more storage boxes! All you need is a drill and a spirit level, and an extra pair of hands comes in handy!


Crates are great for large storage items like train tracks and building blocks. They can be stacked, shoved under beds or filed away neatly in book cases. They’re also sturdy and cheap to boot. No wonder they are the go-to choice for adults who’ve stepped on one too many Lego pieces!

Tiered Storage

Bright, jolly and sturdy, this three-tier storage system is the perfect accompaniment to clearing up a mess in kids’ bedrooms. Used to store all manner of items, from books, to crafts, to action figures – clutter can easily be piled into the colourful crates for safekeeping.

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