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10 Most Commonly Overlooked Areas When Cleaning

07 March 2022

10 Most Commonly Overlooked Areas When Cleaning

There are always a couple of things that need cleaning around the house. Whether it’s a quick hoover of the rug, a mop in the kitchen or a swift scrub of the countertops. It’s easy to spot some dirt that’s managed to dodge a cleaning wipe over the last couple of days. 


But what about those places you forget to clean? The areas of our homes we don’t get up close and personal with regularly can be overlooked for weeks at a time.

We don’t like to admit it, but there are a few forgotten cleaning jobs we miss off of our quick run around the house or a planned ‘cleaning day’. 

Overlooking these areas can lead to a build-up of dirt, grime and germs that no one wants to be sharing a home with.

Don’t leave these forgotten cleaning jobs from your Spring cleaning list… 

If you’re planning a Spring clean, or you want to freshen up and get to cleaning your home over a couple of days, don’t miss an inch.

Looking past the usual tasks and eye-level dirt, dig deep and find the hidden dusty areas that are longing for some much-needed cleaning.

Not sure where to start? Add the following places to your regular cleaning routine, and you’ll never have to worry about the places you forget to clean again.

Leave some sparkle in 10 of the places you forget to clean…

1. Skirting boards

Whenever you dust parts of your home that are at eye level, dirt will fall down onto your skirting boards. You might not notice at first, but giving them a quick wipe and a polish will add an extra sparkle to your home that you’ll be happy to see.

10 Most Commonly Overlooked Areas When Cleaning 3

2. Washing machines

You’d probably hope that the machines that clean our clothes are actually cleaning themselves. Unfortunately, you have to stay on top of cleaning your washing machine yourself if you want to avoid a build-up of mould and grime. 

3. Ceiling fans

Just like skirting boards, ceiling fans collect dust that is just out of our regular eye level. Next time you’re wiping down your home’s surfaces, don’t forget your ceiling fan.

4. Light switches

We touch our light switches multiple times every single day. They can become incredibly germy and any oil and dirt from our hands makes a nice home for itself on our light switches. As you leave each room you’ve finished cleaning, wipe down your light switches to keep them fresh and clean.

10 Most Commonly Overlooked Areas When Cleaning 2

5. Toothbrush holder

Water and toothpaste will drip down your toothbrush once you pop it into the toothbrush holder. Avoid this build-up by scrubbing it with any household cleaner, and ensure it’s dry before putting the toothbrushes back.

6. Drains

We’re not suggesting you hand to clean the inside of a drain! But, making sure some drain unblock products and a drain cleaner have seen the inside of the drains across your home is key to avoiding blockages and bad smells.

7. Remote control

You’ve probably had a couple of bites to eat and licked your fingers clean before reaching over for the TV remote control. Make sure you’re giving the remote a once over with an antibacterial spray and give it a scrub when you’re doing your cleaning rounds.

8. Radiator

Behind the back of your radiators is a complex bunch of metal that is a magnet for dust and dirt. It can be a hassle, but with the right duster, you can get to work and clean away layers of dust and get that sparkly clean feel. 

10 Most Commonly Overlooked Areas When Cleaning 1

9. Behind the toilet

It’s easy to remember to give the toilet bowl a clean and to pop a refresher tablet in there every so often, but what about behind the toilet itself? We all want to know our bathroom is as clean as possible, so wipe it down with an antibacterial spray

10. Picture frames

Avoid your precious memories and beautiful pictures being ruined by a layer of dust, and give them the once over each time you clean the tables or sideboards they sit on!

Have you refreshed your home recently, or are you planning on tackling the places you forget to clean? We'd love to see your sparkling clean homes, and all the products you demolished the dirt with! Share your buys with the B&M Community on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.