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12 Tips For Exercising on a Busy Schedule

13 January 2020

No matter how busy we are, it’s vital that we find time to work out regularly in order to maintain our health. The NHS recommends that we do around 150 minutes of “moderate intensity activity” per week.

This means we need to partake in exercise to raise our heart rate for between 20 minutes and 30 minutes each day. Here are some of our favourite techniques you can use to exercise on a busy schedule:

Working Out While Commuting

If you commute a relatively short distance to work, why not swap out your car or bus journey for a walk, run or cycle? Not only is this great for your general health, it will also help you to save money on fuel or fares.

B&M Top Tip: For something a little more advanced, why not engage individual muscle groups and tone your upper body by using wrist weights as you walk or run?

Taking advantage of your lunch hour

High intensity workout routines in the middle of your working day can leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised for the afternoon.

If there’s a gym nearby, why not attend a class or go for a quick workout during your break?

If you’re too busy for this, you can get fit at your desk. Simple exercises such as leg raises, wall planks, seated running and even using water bottles as weights to tone your arms can help!

Depending on the type of office in which you work, you may be permitted to bring in small lightweight pieces of fitness gear such as toning or fitness bands.


Pairing up with a friend

Sometimes it just takes encouragement from another person to help us keep on top of our fitness. Why not pick a buddy who wants to improve their health too, and support each other in getting fit? Exercise with them at set times in the week.

You may not have time for more than a 10-minute workout, but that’s much better than nothing! Plus, it’s likely that you’ll find this motivating, as you won’t want to let them down.

Planning ahead

Mark dates and times in your diary or set appointments on your phone, and make a point of sticking to them. This will prevent your diary from filling up, leaving you with no more time to exercise.

Taking up walking

Instead of driving from A to B, why not try walking? You can do it alone or with friends or loved ones and it’s a great way to explore the area in which you live or venture out into the unknown.

Walking or hiking helps you to enjoy beautiful views and fresh air during total body workouts.

B&M Top Tip: Listening to music while you walk can help to keep you focused. Special fitness armbands will keep your phone safe and secure during exercise.

Starting your day earlier

If you don’t think you have enough time, why not make more? Getting up earlier is good for you both physically and mentally - and once you’ve completed your workout, you’ll have the rest of the day ahead of you.

B&M Top Tip: Make it easy for yourself by keeping fitness equipment accessible. Hang a toning tube on the back of your bedroom door or a jump rope on a coat hook in your hallway so it’s less effort to prepare.

Working out while binge watching

By planning to complete a series of exercises while watching TV, you can get in shape without having to give up one of your favourite pastimes!

You don’t need too much space either - there are a number of exercises you can do while remaining in your starting position that will still get your cardiovascular system fired up. These include mountain climbers and jumping jacks.

If you have a little more room, you might want to take up yoga while you binge. All you’ll need is a mat and towel and perhaps a gym ball for more advanced moves.

B&M Top Tip: Why not keep equipment like kettlebells, dumbells or training gloves close to hand in your sitting room so that you can pick them up and do a few reps while sitting on the couch?

By using your commuting time or lunch hour to your advantage, working with a fitness buddy, sticking to your plans, changing your habits, waking up earlier and getting active in front of the TV, you’ll be able to fit workouts into your life - no matter how busy it is!

By doing this, you’ll only get healthier and happier throughout the year ahead.

B&M Top Tip: See how you can make the change by checking out our range of affordable fitness equipment.

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