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New Garden Range at B&M.

Fitness Products

Fitness Supplies at B&M Stores

Practice healthy eating and stay in shape with pre and post-workout meals and snacks from B&M.

Our fitness foods and supplies will help you to consume more vitamins, minerals, fibres, grams of protein and healthy fats to get the most out of your regime. It’s all available at the best possible price, so your meal planning budget won’t suffer.

Protein Powder, Protein Bars & Protein Shakes

Enjoy delicious energy bites or shots and other healthy snacks with top brands like Mo Health, and Moose Juice,  keep up your hydration levels with isotonic gels, or enjoy protein and meal shakes with SCI-MX, SlimFast and others to stay on top form.

Air Fryers, Multi Blenders & Protein Shakers

B&M also offers affordable cooking appliances so that you can create your own pre-workout or post-workout snacks and fitness foods. You can even make the switch to plant-based protein by mixing shakes with almond milk.

With health grills, air fryers, blenders, soup makers, steamers and protein shakers available, you can enjoy great nutrition however you want. It’s all available right here for less.

Want to encourage your youngsters to be active? Browse our range of Kids’ Accessories today.