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3 Deliciously Different Pancake Day Ideas

10 February 2020

Thinking of attempting some Pancake Day recipes that are a little different? Why not try out both sweet and savoury toppings - and even batters - to mix things up a bit? We recommend:

  • Sweet Potato Crepes with Beetroot & Goat’s Cheese
  • Sweet Berry Crepes
  • Fluffy American Pancakes with Dark Chocolate & Berries

The most delicious annual celebration is almost upon us again. Yes - pancake day is coming up, and as much as the classic shrove Tuesday fare remains super tasty, it’s always good fun to kick things up a notch.

The culinary experts at B&M have been busy in the kitchen, whipping up both sweet and savoury pancake recipes that may just inspire you to make something a little different this pancake day.

Sweet Potato Crepes with Beetroot & Goat’s Cheese

Pancakes don’t have to be sweet! This recipe, provided by food writer Tom Frizell-Shackley, works perfectly as a starter or main course with a blend of complementary mouth-watering flavours.

The great thing about this recipe is that it combines the sweet potato with the pancake batter itself, offering a greater depth of taste, a more robust texture and considerably more nutrition!

Tangy, creamy goat’s cheese and rich beetroot add numerous delicious dimensions to this dish - plus, a dash of balsamic vinegar gives it just the punchiness it needs.

B&M Top Tip: For a super posh twist, add a generous salad with sundried tomatoes and balsamic vinaigrette, and pair it with a lovely sauvignon blanc.

Sweet Berry Crepes

Back to the sweet stuff now! Food blogger Hannatalks has created this sumptuous and fruity pancake-based dessert. 

The pancakes themselves are made in a traditional way. Simply whip up a smooth batter from eggs, flour, milk and a pinch of salt, pour the mix into a frying pan on a medium heat and, once the underside is browned, flip the pancake over and cook the other side.

It’s the topping that really sets these beauties aside. Brimming with sweet, tart and succulent berries and fluffy cream, not only will you feel super indulgent, both you’ll be getting a good hit of vitamins too!

B&M Top Tip: Why not save a little time and purchase ready made batter? It will save you a little washing up too.

Fluffy American Pancakes with Dark Chocolate & Berries

American style pancakes are super thick and fluffy. It’s great to stack them up and serve them with a little butter and maple syrup, but why not go the extra mile and enjoy the decadence of this final dish?

Dreamed up by Laura Thornberry, this is another super simple but highly rewarding recipe. The batter is made the traditional way with just a couple of alterations. You’ll need some cheeky chocolate chips and a little baking powder to help the batter rise and become fluffy.

Again, using ready made batter and adding baking powder and chocolate will save you a little time.

To complement the bittersweetness of the dark chocolate, the toppings include blueberries, strawberries, a dusting of icing sugar and some honey.

B&M Top Tip: Warm up a little Nutella spread and drizzle it over in place of honey for something super indulgent!


Invent your own

Of course, you can always have a go at inventing your own delicious pancake day recipes! There are now more quick and easy options available than ever before, from flavoured pancake mixes to colourful batters.

Toppings, too, are fun and varied. Traditional lemon and sugar always goes down well, but you can also choose from fruits, syrups, spreads and fun touches like marshmallows and sprinkles.

Don’t forget to stock up on the right utensils first. Make sure you have a good non-stick frying pan and spatula and a good whisk. Greaseproof paper can be very useful too - for protecting your preparation area from batter splashes or laying down your utensils between servings.

B&M Top Tip: For ease and minimal cleanup, you can get hold of ready-to-eat pancakes that just need toppings!

So, whether you want pancakes that are savoury and flavourful, creamy and fruity or decadent and chocolatey, the recipes above are bound to give you a little inspiration. Otherwise, give yourself free rein and invent your own.

Remember, pancake batter can be stored for up to two days in the fridge, but you can also freeze it to use another time.

B&M Top Tip: Throwing a big bash or serving pancakes as part of a bigger meal? Here are some other recipes that are bound to impress your family and friends.

How do you do pancake day? What are your favourite toppings? Share your recipe ideas and pictures of your sumptuous spread with the B&M Community via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

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