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3 Easy Ways to Upgrade your Garden in Spring

13 March 2018

Transform your garden for Spring 2018 with a few stylish touches of your own from B&M.

We all have that feeling – looking out at your back garden and realising you don’t look after it enough, or don’t use it half as much as you should. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden of your own, it’s well worth keeping it well maintained, so that when it comes to the warmer months during spring and summer, you can finally use it!

All you need is a bit of an upgrade. We’re not talking about anything massive (new swimming pool anyone?); just something that will give you an excuse to use it on a regular basis. Have a look below at some great garden design inspiration that will leave you spending a lot more time outdoors this year.

Create an Area to Relax in

Carve out your own relaxing space in your garden and put it to good use during the warmer spring and summer months of the year.

One of the best uses for your garden is to transform part of it into an area for you, your partner and family to relax in. By creating a comfortable space using outdoor garden furniture or otherwise, you'll find that especially during spring and summer your garden will become an extension of your house.

The ultimate space to relax in, even if the temperature is slightly colder in spring, is one designated for a fire pit. Our Montreal Hexagonal Firepit will do just the job, with an attractive modern design that will become a focal point of your whole garden. Get it lit, gather everyone round and keep warm under the stars.

B&M Top Tip: if you’re burning clean fuel, why not set yourself up with some marshmallows and digestive biscuits? That way you can use your firepit for keeping warm, and toasting marshmallows for a delicious after-dinner treat.

Alternatively, our Siena Hanging Snuggle Egg Chair will give your garden a comfortable nook to use on those warm summer evenings. When it starts to get slightly colder, bring out some blankets and get cosy as the sun sets on another day.

Make it Guest-Friendly

Thinking of entertaining guests in your garden? You can easily add in a few items that will make organising a party or gathering that much easier.

Another fantastic use for your garden is to transform it into an area where you can invite friends or family round to visit. If you already like to entertain guests and often have gatherings at your house, why not extend that to the garden as well?

First off, it’s worth preparing your garden for spring so it’s looking as fresh as possible (have a read of our handy ‘Get Ready for Spring’ blogpost to find out more). Along with a spot of gardening, you can also add some other stylish touches, including our Moonlight Arch that's just perfect as an entrance to another area of your garden.

B&M Top Tip: if your friends have a similar sense of humour to you, why not find a space for our Solar Mooning Garden Gnome? Just another ‘cheeky’ way to illuminate your garden!

As well as keeping your garden well-maintained and presentable, you can also make a few additions that will make your garden better for entertaining. As well as the firepit, you could use a Luxury Steel Framed Gazebo for shelter if the weather starts to turn. Come rain or shine, your gathering won’t be interrupted.

Grow your own Vegetables

Why not start growing vegetables in your garden? The easiest way to start is by getting your own greenhouse.

Last but not least, a fantastic use for your garden is to grow vegetables all year round. Whether it’s tomatoes, french beans, potatoes or lettuce, you will be able to grow vegetables that you can then use in your own cooking at home.

While many British gardens won’t have the right climate for growing all year round, installing a greenhouse should provide your vegetables with the right climate they need to thrive. Conveniently, our Walk-in Greenhouse is an easy solution, creating a space for you to plant vegetables that won’t get ruined by poor weather.

If you need to keep track of the temperature of your garden, as well as add a finishing touch, why not install our 3-in-1 Planter with Thermometer & Clock? Practical as well as delightful, this small addition will give your garden a rustic look, along with another opportunity to plant more flowers.

Are you transforming your garden for Spring 2018? Share all your best pictures over on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for everyone to see!

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