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9 Holiday Health Essentials for Staying Safe in the Sun

12 July 2019

The school year is almost over so we bet you’re counting down the days until you and family jet off to sun it up abroad!

You’re probably stressing about how many outfits, t-shirts, swimming costumes and flip-flops you’ll need to pack, but you mustn’t forget the health essentials either.

Vital holiday essentials like sun cream, mosquito spray, and medicine should be top of your checklist when heading off on holiday, which is why here at B&M HQ we've compiled our top healthcare products into a list of everything you’ll need!

Sun Protection

First and foremost, you must protect your skin from the hot sun. We all love sunbathing but it's important to come back home with a bronze glow rather than a red face! However you fare in the sun, you still need to wear plenty of sun cream to avoid burning and reduce the risk of cancer.

Piz Buin Moisturising Sun Lotion is specially formulated to protect you and your family from harmful UV rays. The factor 30 cream is ideal for using while spending extended periods of time out in the hot sun.

B&M Top Tip: avoid spending time in direct sunlight during the hottest part of the day (generally 10am-2pm). If you can't avoid exposure, limit your sun time to half an hour before finding shade.

For later on in the day, and once you’re showered and out of the sun, apply After Sun Tan Intensifier from Piz Buin. It not only soothes your skin but maintains the tan you’ve built up.

One thing most people forget is to put sun cream on their lips, as they can burn too! Malibu Lip Balm is ideal for protecting yours and your little one’s smiles!

Insect Repellent

In hotter climates, mosquitos are rife in the evenings. Be sure to protect yourself from pesky insect bites by spraying your skin with Jungle Formula Insect Repellent.

Features an insect repellent factor of 4, which is the highest possible. One good spray should be enough for a whole night on the town!

Pain Relief

All of that lounging around in the sun, swimming, dipping and diving will take its toll on your body.

Whether you’ve hurt yourself from overdoing it, or not doing much at all, use Ibuprofen Gel on the affected areas.

An effective relief from pain and inflammation, and is very easy to apply.

For your little ones, some sugar free Calpol will suffice. The gentle pain and fever relief is a godsend on holiday if your child is feeling a little under the weather.

B&M Top Tip: If anyone in the family has hurt themselves while holidaying (it’s normally dad, let’s be honest), then these Water Resistant Plasters are perfect. They’ll cover up any small injuries and can be worn in the pool!

Allergy & Digestion

Stay on top of allergies while abroad by taking these One a Day Benadryl Allergy tablets. They tackle everything from hay fever and dust to pet and skin allergies.

Many people often suffer from an upset stomach while on holiday, so be sure to pack some Imodium tablets for instant on-the-go relief for diarrhoea.

Do you have any travel tips? Which health essentials will you be packing this summer? Share your tips with the B&M community know on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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