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Baby Beginners: Bath Time Tips for New Parents

31 July 2019

Having a baby is scary. With what feels like a million things to remember and learn each day, it can be quite daunting!

Bath time can be especially nerve wracking, but don't worry – help is at hand! Here at B&M HQ we've compiled a list of tips to help you give your little one the best care possible in the tub.

Water Alone Isn’t Enough

You can’t just fill the tub with water alone, as that will not be enough. As a cleanser, water doesn’t remove the fat-soluble impurities left behind from nappies and clothes. Should they remain, your baby’s skin barrier can be damaged.

Also, only using water can actually dry out their skin too, eventually leading to irritation.

Which is why using a baby wash like Johnson’s Baby Bath is important for keeping your little one as clean as possible.

Free from parabens, sulphates and dyes, it gently cleanses and leaves your baby’s skin feeling soft and healthy.


Wash your baby’s hair the best way possible using Johnson’s 3-in-1 Shampoo.

It not only cleans their hair, ridding it of any mess they’ve managed to get in there throughout the day, but it cleanses it to make it smooth and shiny, too.

The shampoo is as gentle to their eyes as water is, with a no more tears guarantee. The mild formula is free from dyes, alcohol and sulphates, making it the perfect shampoo to keep your little one’s hair clean and healthy.


Bath time has finished, your baby is dry and they've got nappy on. What's next? There's one more skincare ritual that's worth adding to your routine.

Johnson’s Baby Oil moisturises their skin and locks in 2x more moisture than other baby oils. Lightly and gently spread the baby oil across their body to keep that lovely, baby-soft skin for longer.

Alternatively, you could also use Johnson’s Baby Lotion. It contains coconut oil and leaves skin feeling smooth after just one use!

Make the Most of Bath Time

Of course, bath time isn’t just about getting clean. It’s a chance for your baby to grow, learn, play and to bond with you.

A gentle, loving touch during baths and a warm cuddle afterwards is the perfect way to bond with your child during bath time.

Bringing interactive toys, bath books and allowing them to learn how to splash in the water is ideal for their learning. Not only does it help baby learn and keep them happy, it will get them excited and used to baths – something that will come in extremely handy when they grow up.

B&M Top Tip: A toy like this Nuby Squirter Boat is perfect for playing with in the bath. They can throw, squeeze and squirt water out of it!

Do you have any bath time advice for new parents? If so, let them know on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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