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B&M's Decorating Guide For Beginners...With a Little Help from Harris

05 December 2017


Okay, so you’ve picked out your paint and you know what you want to do with your room – but how can you be sure you’re doing the job properly?

For painting novices, it can all seem a bit daunting and if you’re a first time buyer looking to put your own stamp on your new home, then you’ll want it looking perfect.

Luckily, the painting and decorating team here at B&M HQ are here to give you a helping hand. With a few tips from the experts at Harris, this painting and decorating guide will take you from DIY dunce to painting pro in no time!

What you’ll need


Prepare before you paint

  1. Remove ornaments and furniture from the room and cover any remaining furniture and floor space with double protection dust sheets.
  2. Repair any holes and cracks with filler, applied with a flexible filling knife. When the filler is dry, smooth the surface with fine sandpaper.
  3. Thoroughly remove all traces of dust by brushing over the walls with a large brush. Apply masking tape to areas you want to protect from paint including skirting boards, light switches and door frames. Ensure that any new plaster or filler is completely dry before applying paint.

Harris Top Tip: When painting large areas, work in vertical strips of about a metre and paint ceilings before walls, leaving doors, skirting boards and windows till last.

How to paint walls & ceilings

  1. First use a brush to paint around the edges, working in manageable sections. Dip your brush into the paint about one third of the length of the bristles, then wipe the excess on the rim of the can to prevent drips.
  2. Tip paint into the roller tray reservoir and dip the sleeve lightly into the paint, then roll onto the ribbed part of the tray to coat evenly.
  3. Apply the paint in all directions until the surface is covered. Do not roll too fast or leave the surface with the sleeve spinning as this will cause spray.
  4. Finish by lightly rolling over the complete surface in one direction for a uniform finish. For quicker painting use the Harris ID Vanquish Roller, a large roller for 50% faster coverage!

Harris Top Tip: If using paint pads, load the pad with paint from a tray and sweep in any direction until the surface is covered. Finish with long strokes in one direction for a uniform finish.

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