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Bathroom Redecorating: B&M's Top Tips and Tricks

09 May 2022


For some homes, bathrooms can go unnoticed and to the wayside when redecorating the rest of the house. It isn’t necessarily the largest room to tackle, but a bathroom can really pack a punch of style into your home by injecting some personality into the room.

It doesn’t have to be difficult either. Sometimes, a smaller room can be more daunting than bigger rooms such as your kitchen or living room. But, redecorating your bathroom can be a fantastic way to inject some personality and express your inner interior decorator.

Whether it’s a fresh lick of paint or a new statement piece, we’ve put together some tips, tricks and products designed to brighten up your bathroom on a budget.

Redecorating the Bathroom | Walls

If you’re on a budget, fixing up your walls can be a much quicker and cheaper way to breathe some life back into your home’s bathroom.

Don’t worry about forking out hundreds of pounds for fancy bathroom tiles. Create an eye-catching look with a feature wall instead, opting for a simple to use tile wallpaper. This glitter marble white tile wallpaper gives the effect of an upscale powder room and will make your bathroom feel brand new.

If you don’t fancy wallpaper, you can always opt for a quick lick of paint. Painting one or all of the walls in small bathrooms can really boost that brand new feel when you’re redecorating your bathroom. Grab a few sample colour pallets, see what works best with your bathroom and get painting! Just make sure it’s moisture-resistant paint so you avoid any mould build-up.

This doesn’t mean you have to miss your floors out entirely though. Of course, if you’re low on money and time we don’t recommend buying floor tiles and retiling your entire bathroom floor. Instead, grab a fresh rug or a funky bath mat for an extra addition of personality.

Redecorating the Bathroom | Furniture

Most bathrooms are quite tight on space, with not much room to rearrange any additional fittings and furniture.

However, cleverly designed furniture that’s easy on your wallet can slot into the empty space in your bathroom. Offering you smart storage options with an added bonus of style and decor, spruce up your small space with a variety of pieces.

We recommend using furniture that can blend unsightly things in, whilst the design of the piece stands out. For example, this smart storage unit keeps bathroom items tidy and kept out of sight, whilst looking clean and simple.

If you don’t want toilet rolls spilling out into your bathroom, and you don’t fancy getting the power drill out to install a new holder, try this all in one furniture piece instead. With enough space to tuck everything you need away into one neat structure, it’s great for bringing some new storage solutions into your small bathroom.

If you have a bit more time and money on your hands, a mirror cabinet can transform a simple bathroom into a functional space with a great vibe to it. A simple fixture on the wall, it offers a great way to check yourself out, and store plenty of products whilst bringing a new look to your bathroom.

Redecorating the Bathroom | Decorations

A great tip for redecorating your bathroom is adding in smaller decorations that take up much less time, money and space but have a huge impact. Just a few small additions to the room can bring your bathroom together and elevate the result.

Start off with a simple bathroom sign, hanging it on the door to help guests know where they’re going and create a great first impression of your home. This simple design is classic and will tie into most small bathroom themes and designs.
Enjoy the time you spend in your bathroom even more with some comfort-focused decorations. A bath pillow exudes relaxation and can add another dimension to your otherwise plain tub, so we highly recommend grabbing one of these

Keep things interesting with a new toilet seat, helping even the less desirable fixtures stand out for all the right reasons. A natural aesthetic would benefit from a wooden effect seat, keeping the room bright and stylish.

Redecorating the Bathroom | Cleaning

Redecorating your bathroom is an exciting time, giving it a brand new look and feel. But, whilst you’re decorating, give future you a break by adding in some extra products that will keep your bathroom looking and smelling fresh.

Having a hair collector around any plug hole will reduce the chances of your pipes becoming clogged and keep your new bathroom’s fresh look going for longer.

Replacing the sealant in your bathroom is a bit of a chore, but if you want your newly redecorated bathroom to sparkle and shine, it’s a great idea to reseal areas in your bathroom. Swap out the dull and marked sealant for white and shiny sealant for an added boost to your redecoration efforts.

Finally, make sure every sense can enjoy your bathroom’s new look by leaving a delicious smelling air freshener in there. Choose from any scent and type, but allow the scent to flood the bathroom and create a welcoming atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy.

Redecorating your bathroom doesn’t seem as daunting with these tips, tricks and products anymore. We'd love to see your bathroom redecoration results, the techniques you used and the products you included! Share your buys with the B&M Community on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.