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Cycling Tips for the Perfect Family Bike Ride

30 June 2020


Warm weather and free time is the perfect combination in the summer, especially for getting outside and exercising.

If you have a bicycle then going for a summer ride outdoors is an ideal pastime, and something to keep the kids busy and energised, too!

However, there are a number of things to consider before hopping on your bike and going for a ride, so pay close attention. Here's our best bike ride preparation tips for the whole family.

Preparing to Go

While getting set to leave, make sure you have all of your important accessories with you.

You’ll need to stay hydrated throughout your journey; do you have a Bottle Cage to hold your water?

What happens if you get a puncture a few miles from home? Be sure to prepare for such a large issue by taking a Puncture Repair Kit along with you.

Think about the clothes you’ll wear, or the shoes you’re thinking of using. Are they comfortable? They may feel okay before leaving the house, but think how they might feel a few miles down the road.

Plan Your Route

Before leaving, you’ll likely have a destination in mind, so it’s best if you plan the journey ahead.

Will you stick to main roads, or are you planning on taking cycle lanes and country paths? Either way, having your phone handy will be invaluable, due to its ability to find your location instantly on a map application.

In order to keep your phone close and visible throughout, use the RAC Phone Case. Featuring a clear screen on the front, you can still continue to use your phone while it’s connected to your bike.

Be Safe

If you’re planning on going on a long journey, there is a chance that the sunlight may drop by the time you’re on your way home.

Make sure to be as safe as possible by being visible on the roads with reflective clothing.

In terms of creating your own light, connect the LED Bike Light Set to your handlebars. You can create a fast or slow flashing, or just a solid light for your path ahead.

If you’re to stop while out and about, make sure to keep your bike safe with a D-Shackle Bike Lock.

Have you been on any long bike rides recently, and have some tips? Let the B&M community know on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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