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Declutter Your Home with the B&M Organise It Event

21 December 2021

January usually sees our homes become a bit more cluttered than usual.

Whether it's all the new presents you need to find space for, or you've been putting off that year-long tidy-up, the new year provides us with the perfect opportunity to declutter.

And with B&M's Organise It event currently running in-store, you'll find a huge range of cheap storage boxes to help you tidy your home.

Christmas Tree Storage Box

This Really Useful Christmas Tree Storage Box is ideal for keeping your artificial Christmas tree neat and tidied away after the festive season.

It has deep sides for particularly bushy trees and slip-lock handles to keep it secured.

The perfect post-Christmas clean up storage!

Large Cupboard & Fridge Organiser

During the festive period, we can all be guilty of overfilling the fridge with food. It can become a little messy and a struggle trying to find things you’ve stored too.

There’s no better way to find the food (or snacks!) you’re after than by using a Cupboard & Fridge Organiser.

Excellent for organising and can actually provide a little bit of extra space too. It also includes a handle to easily transport it.

B&M Top Tip: To create even more space in your kitchen cupboards, try using a Space Saving Cupboard Organiser which allows you to create a mini shelf in addition to the one you’re already using.

Ecohome Recycled Storage Box 37L

Pack away old toys, clothes, blankets and more with this Ecohome Recycled Storage Box.

With a capacity of 37 litres, there’s plenty of space to pack plenty of objects inside. It’s also good for the environment due to being made from 100% recycled and recyclable materials.

Ecohome Recycled Storage Box 90L

Just like the 37 litre variety, this Recycled Storage Box is ideal for storing away all kinds of items from inside your home, but with plenty more space.

This box boasts an enormous 90 litre capacity, allowing for even more storage. It’s perfect for popping up into the attic for long-term storage too.

You could put all of your Christmas decorations inside and bring it down next year for easy decorating!

AirScents Vacuum Storage Bags 2pk

Is your wardrobe at breaking point? Too many clothes? Pack away your summer clothes until the weather warms up by using an AirScents Vacuum Storage Bag.

You’ll be astonished at just how many clothes you can pack into one of these bags. All you have to do is seal the top and suck all the air out with your vacuum, and just like magic, you’ve created a ton of space!

Stick the bag under a bed, at the bottom of the wardrobe, or even in the attic. With two in this pack, and a Crisp Linen fragrance, you can pack away half your wardrobe and leave them smelling great!

Have you picked up any decluttering or storage tips for the New Year? If so, let the B&M community know on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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