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Do Your Bit to Help Save Britain’s Endangered Birds

04 January 2022

Picture the scene. It’s a beautiful and warm sunny day. You’ve been pottering in the garden all afternoon, tidying borders and watering the roses. You sit down with a well-earned glass of wine, soaking up the warmth and admiring your well-pruned garden.

And as the afternoon makes way for dusk, the sound of birdsong fills the air. What bliss! But according to a recent conservation report, you may have to do without the pleasant chirpings of your favourite feathered friends – more than a quarter of birds in the UK are now under threat of extinction!

But all’s not lost. With a little encouragement and the right food, the UK’s gardeners can help keep populations from dwindling any further.

Which Birds are at Risk?

The house martin, swift and greenfinch are just some of the species common to UK gardens which are now under threat. The cuckoo, puffin, skylark and nightingale have also been added to the Birds of Conservation Concern’s red list – the highest level of concern.

Why are They in Danger of Extinction?

There are various reasons why a particular bird species is moved to the red list. Disease is common, and it’s believed contamination in the food and water of greenfinches has had a devastating impact on populations.

Climate change, habitat loss and limited food supplies also account for dwindling numbers.

What can I do to Help?

Conservationists are leading the fightback, tackling the various causes for the reduction in numbers. But we can all do our bit to help populations bounce back.

Artificial homes and nests provide shelter for common birds like the swift, house martin and greenfinch. And putting out seeds and other types of bird food – like fat balls, suet pellets and mealworm – will ensure your winged neighbours are well fed through the lean winter months.

You can grab all kinds of bird houses and bird tables at your local B&M store, like the Wilde & Oakes Wooden Bird Table and Wooden Bird House. They’re easy to assemble and are made from responsibly sourced timber.

B&M Top Tip: who’d have thought teapots could be so multi-functional? Our Nesting Teapot comes in 3 gorgeous designs and provides sanctuary for all small birds.

And our newest range of bird feeders are the best we’ve ever had! Everything from Picnic Tables and Swing Bench Feeders, to Sunflower Glass and Hanging Egg Chair Feeders!

Whatever you use to encourage birds into your garden, ensure they return again and again by keeping feeders and bird houses in tip-top condition. Regular cleaning will help to stop the spread of disease and contamination, leaving birds happy and healthy.

And when you spot signs of wear and tear, it’s time to replace or repair!

B&M Top Tip: don’t forget to stock up on bird food! You’ll find a huge selection of various types of feed, like Super Food Energy Cakes, Suet Dumplings and Glennwood Wild Bird Seed Mix.

Have you spotted any goldfinches, swifts or house martins in your garden? We’d love to see your best wildlife photos! Share them with the B&M Community on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

*The bird feeders and bird houses featured in this post will be available in-store from February 2022. Until then you can browse our current range of feeders and houses in our Birds & Wildlife section.

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