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Easter Crafts to Keep the Kids Entertained

10 March 2021


The kids may well have gone back to school after a prolonged Christmas break, but they’ll soon be back home looking for things to do at Easter!

Don’t start tearing your hair out, though, as B&M are here to help with some great ideas of how to keep them busy, interested and entertained.


Create Easter Crafts



Easter is the perfect time for your children could get extra crafty!

See if they can create funny bunny ears, an Easter bonnet, or possibly even their very own basket to collect all of their eggs in on the egg hunt.

Using paper mache, you could also task the kids with making a cute Easter chick.





This is a bit of a messy one, but let the kids paint banners for the Easter bunny so he stops at their house with plenty of chocolate!

They’ll love getting their hands (and feet!) messy creating the biggest, most colourful sign possible.

If you're doing an Easter egg hunt in the garden (or even indoors) then let the kids paint some hard boiled eggs. Not only will they be delighted to decorate their own eggs, but imagine their excitement when they find them on the hunt!


Plant Flowers

Just as spring arrives, it is the perfect time to head out into the garden and start getting it ready for the summer.

Pick up plenty of bulbs and seeds, then get your gardening gear on with your little one.

They’ll love becoming a mini gardener, digging up soil with a trowel and burying bulbs. It’s even better when those flowers start to blossom and their little faces light up!

Indoor Fun



Of course, you don’t need to head outdoors to have fun. Plenty of tasks and games can be done indoors during Easter – especially if the British weather has any say!

Pick up some puzzles, like a jigsaw of your children’s favourite TV show or movie. Sit down as a family and try to complete it.

You could also get some colouring books for the little ones. It’s great for some quiet time – and not just for them!

Sticker books can also be a fun pass time to keep the kids happy, without venturing outside.

Do you have any activity ideas for children at Easter? If so, let the B&M community know on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!