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Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Adults

13 March 2020


An Easter egg hunt for adults is the perfect way to let your hair down - and you can choose some great prizes for those who succeed in finding the eggs! We suggest using:

  • Tasty treats
  • Fun gift cards
  • Beauty products
  • Lottery tickets

With the Easter bank holiday weekend approaching, it’s time to start thinking about a few fun activities to help make the most of your time off! Why not have a go at some Easter games that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike?

If you're holding a family gathering, a fun approach is to create separate Easter games for kids and adults in different areas. That way you can feel free to offer some slightly more grown-up prizes without worrying that little ones will find them.

So, how do you hold an adult Easter egg hunt? This article contains some great ideas and a few brilliant options for prizes.

Tasty treats

It isn’t a party without a little indulgence, and you’ll all feel much more accomplished after tracking down your treats in a scavenger hunt!

Including prizes such as sweeties and nibbles, chocolatey snacks or boozy gift sets with mini selections of whisky, gin or prosecco means that there is an option for your guests to share their treats afterwards as part of your celebration.

B&M Top Tip: Why not have a Easter-themed bake-off style party first - creating bite-sized treats such as delicious filled eggs - then hide your creations?

Fun gift cards

Not everyone likes sweet things and some grownups may prefer something a little more practical. Why not create some lovely handmade cards with Easter designs, place gift cards inside for a brand you know they’ll love - and hide them instead?

B&M Top Tip: Remember, there’s no need to be serious just because this is an Easter egg hunt for adults. Why not hand out cute Easter baskets, play fun music - or even don a pair of ears and become the Easter bunny for an afternoon? 

Beauty products

Another lovely non-edible option is to present health and beauty treats as prizes. Fragrances, aftershaves, bath bombs and skincare products always go down well.

B&M Top Tip: Why not hide the eggs with raffle-style tickets attached to each, then present the hunters with the corresponding prize once the game is finished? 

Lottery tickets

Lottery tickets are a great failsafe when it comes to prizes. A fun approach is to carefully cut a hole in a hollow Easter egg, roll up a ticket and post it inside, then reseal the hole using a giant chocolate button and royal icing! Just remember to keep those eggs away from heat.

B&M Top Tip: If you hold your Easter egg hunt on a Saturday, you can watch the lottery being drawn afterwards over a glass of bubbly and see if anyone has won!

An Easter egg hunt for adults can include sweet treats as prizes - but maybe consider practical options too, like gift cards, beauty products and lottery tickets. Big prizes can be collected after the hunt via a raffle ticket system, and smaller items can even be hidden inside eggs!

Hopefully, these Easter egg hunt ideas have inspired you to have a little springtime fun this coming bank holiday. Here’s to a fun-filled Easter - happy hunting!

B&M Top Tip: Find seasonal treats such as themed crafts and gift bags in our Easter section!

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