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Easy Hacks To Decorate Your Student Dorm Room

30 July 2020


Your surroundings can heavily affect your mental health – particularly if you’re living away from home for the first time. In this article, we offer a few tips on how to decorate your student dorm room. To make the room feel like your own, why not consider:

  • Decorating with photos from home
  • Lighting up your accommodation
  • Decluttering your study space
  • Investing in comfortable bedding
  • Decorating your wall
  • Perking up with plants

It’s important to make your uni room feel like a home away from home. After all, it’s your own space, and that’s important - particularly if you have to share a living room, kitchen and bathroom with multiple other students!

Shared accommodation can feel cramped and messy, and your dorm room should be an escape. Here are a few tips on how to unleash your inner interior designer and put your own stamp on your student room.

Decorating With Photos From Home

Everyone gets homesick once in a while. To remind yourself of the good times you’ve shared with your friends and family, why not add a few photographs on your dorm room walls?

Why not frame a few and distribute them on shelves too? Place them in cool arrangements to add extra flair.

Lighting Up Your Accommodation

Sometimes, a few lights can make all the difference to a space. Strings of fairy lights create a cosy, intimate feel, while an exciting statement lamp can add an extra stylish edge.

B&M Top Tip: We love cinema-marquee style light boxes - use them to spell out fun messages while adding an attractive glow.

Decluttering Your Study Space

You’ll feel better - and work more productively - if you keep everything neat, tidy and easy to find.

Organise all your workspace essentials in handy containers and hanging caddies, and store or display all other items in neat arrangements that won’t distract or obstruct you.

B&M Top Tip: Try adding some fun shelving to make a feature out of your storage choices.

Investing in Comfortable Bedding

It is so important to get a good night’s sleep during your studies. Make your sleeping arrangement as plush and cosy as possible by adding a snuggly throw and decorating with pretty cushions.

B&M Top Tip: You’re more likely to keep on top of washing sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases if they’re attractive to look at - so don’t hold back when picking up bedding!

Decorating Your Wall

You’re probably going to be spending a lot of time studying in your dorm, so it’s a good idea to invest in some shelf and wall decor to keep the place looking interesting.

Mirrors will make the room look bigger, while hanging signs add a little visual interest without taking up too much space.

Perking Up With Plants

Surrounding yourself with elements of the natural world is a great way to stay peaceful and chilled. Succulents and cacti work wonderfully indoors and are very hardy, which means they’re easy to look after.

Houseplants are perfectly on trend and add a unique element of decor to keep your space looking great.

Everything in your room, from the ceiling to the floor (remember to add a great rug!) should make you feel at home. Add happy, nostalgic photos, pretty lights, cosy bedding, wall decor and attractive plants - as well as keeping everything tidy - to make the space your own.

Check out our fantastic Home Accessories range for more inspiration on how to decorate your student dorm room.

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