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Expectant Parent? The Baby Essentials You'll Need for Your New Arrival

15 January 2018

So the big day is getting closer and baby is on its way.

Whatever you do, don't panic! We've been there, done it and bought the t-shirt (whether it still fits is another matter). B&M are here to help you pick out some baby necessities before you welcome your tiny tot into the big wide world.

Take a look at our bundle of essentials, for your bundle of joy.

Huggies Pure Wipes 12 x 56pk

You’ll be needing a lot of baby wipes in the coming months so it’s best to start stocking up now. This set of wipes includes a total of 672! You'll be surprised just how quickly you go through them!

Pampers New Baby Nappies - Size 1

Along with the baby wipes, you’ll be needing nappies too. Lots and lots of nappies. Start stockpiling now because it can never hurt to have too many around the house in the early weeks. You will go through them!

Fairy Non-Bio

You'll probably have a fair few baby grows and body suits from your baby shower, but you'll have to tackle the mounting pile of laundy at some point. Fabulously-clean clothes that are kind to sensitive skin? Yep, that'll be Fairy. Choose between Fairy Non Bio Liquid Detergent or Washing Powder.

Nuby Bug-a-Loop Teether

It won’t be long until your little one is feeling their teeth coming through, so they’ll need something to chew and suck on to relieve the pain. The bright colours on this Nuby teether makes it perfect for babies 3 months +. And there's plenty to get their teeth into.

B&M Top Tip: If your baby still needs some more soothing then try Nelsons Teething Granules, a homeopathic medicine for teething relief.

Born in 2018 5 Piece Clothing Set

This 5 piece baby clothing set includes a baby grow, bodysuit, bib, hat and scratch mittens. It’s a great way to start off your baby’s clothing collection as it’s everything you’ll need all in one pack.

Baby Waterproof Bibs 3pk

An absolute necessity for new arrivals: bibs. Remember it's less work to wash bibs and you won't have to get them out of their body suit or baby grow.

B&M Top Tip: Your little one will likely dribble a lot in the early months so to prevent their clothes from getting too soggy, put these adorable Dribble Bibs around their necks.

Silentnight Cot Bed Fitted Sheet 2pk

Your little one’s cot will need a sheet to protect the mattress from spillages and keep them comfy, but it’s also a good idea to get a second one to change overnight if the worst does happen. These stunning sheets are supersoft, helping your baby get a good night's sleep.

Silentnight Striped Knitted Blanket

This gorgeous knitted blanket is super soft and gentle, sure to keep your newborn baby cosy and warm while you're out and about.

Been there and done it? Do you have any tips for expecting parents? If so, let the B&M Community know on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.