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Baby Toiletries & Accessories

Baby Toiletries at B&M

At B&M, we offer a wide selection of skin care products, teething aids, lotions, wipes and plenty more - all of which are available at the lowest possible price, so you can stick well within your weekly budget.

Baby Healthcare

With products including Calpol, saline nasal drops, nappy care ointment and gripe water, you can soothe your little ones whenever they are feeling under the weather.

Be sure to read all packaging carefully before treating your baby.

Baby Teething Products

From soothing chew toys to teething gels and powders, it’s so simple to ease the troubling discomfort of any little one experiencing teething troubles. 

You’ll have better peace of mind knowing that you can soothe your baby’s pain whenever needed.

Baby Bathing and Changing

With different types of baby wipes to soothe their sensitive skin, gentle liquid talc or baby powder and even cute and fun reusable swim nappies, our practical selection of baby changing products are perfect for any parent or guardian on the go.

Whether you’re seeking health-related items, changing stuff or ways to soothe your little one’s teething, we have everything you need for the best possible price in B&M’s selection of baby care products.

Why not also take a look at our wide range of baby feeding products to keep your little one nourished, healthy and satisfied?


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