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Feel Good in the Sun: Summer Skincare Essentials

09 June 2021

Summer Skincare Essentials


B&M’s summer skincare essentials include products to suit any skincare routine. Our superb products are designed for a broad spectrum of skin types, promoting a smooth, clean skin feel and a healthy glow throughout the summer months. Find out more about our:

  • Moisturiser
  • SPF
  • Bronzer
  • Face Masks
  • Face Wipes

You need a great skincare routine all year round - but the hot summer months are when you should take extra care. 

Without proper protection, your skin can become sun damaged through exposure to UV rays - plus, hot weather can cause dehydration, which can seriously undermine your healthy glow.

Read on to learn more about B&M’s top summer skincare essentials and find out how to keep your skin as healthy as possible.


Moisturisers are a must if you want to achieve that smooth, hydrated skin feel. They keep your skin healthy and flexible, fighting against wrinkles and dry skin to keep you youthful.

Don’t forget to apply a nourishing, age-defying moisturiser after washing your face morning and night - and keep your lips hydrated too!

B&M Top Tip: For a minimalist, smoothing look and natural glow, opt for tinted moisturisers or bb creams in place of foundation.

Summer Skincare Essentials 1


SPF stands for “Sun Protection Factor” - so SPF creams help to protect your skin against sun exposure and the damage caused to your skin’s collagen by free radicals in UV light.

The level of protection is indicated by the SPF number. So, if you use SPF 30, your skin will take 30 times longer to burn than it would without any protective products.

If your skin doesn’t have proper protection, you’ll be at risk of melanoma as well as accelerated skin ageing and collagen breakdown. That’s why all skin types will benefit from proper sun protection - whether in cream or spray form.

B&M Top Tip: Use moisturising after sun lotion when you’ve finished hanging out in the sunshine for extra nourishment and a healthy, prolonged tan.


Whether to even out your tan or to safely give yourself that natural sun-kissed look in no time, bronzer and self-tanning lotion is highly popular options for summer.

There is a broad spectrum of products that will give you a beautiful glow - including instant tanning mousse and self-tanning lotion. You can also develop your glow gradually while nourishing your skin by using a hydrating lotion with added tanning properties.

B&M Top Tip: Always exfoliate thoroughly with a body scrub or similar before applying tanning products for a beautiful, smooth, even look.

Summer Skincare Essentials 2

Face Masks

For intense nourishment and a high pamper factor, face masks are a great choice. Smooth one onto your face at the end of the day to soothe and hydrate tired skin.

Recently, the trend for collagen-enriched eye and lip masks has skyrocketed too - as people love the refreshing and rejuvenating skin feel they provide.

Summer Skincare Essentials 3

Face Wipes

Face wipes offer more than just a quick fix. Yes, they’re great for swift makeup removal after a summer party - but these products also offer a range of beneficial properties.

This includes moisturising, vitamin-enriched and gentle options, as well as deep-cleansing and anti-ageing varieties - all super-quick to use and vital addition to your collection of skincare essentials.

So, for high-quality summer skincare, stock up on moisturiser, SPF, bronzer, face masks and wipes.

B&M Top Tip: Check out our full Skincare range to stay looking and feeling your best all year round.

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