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Get Your Garden Ready for Spring

12 January 2022

Spring is almost upon us, which means it’s time to get your garden ready! Spring is the season where your garden comes back to life, so if you plan on spending time relaxing in your garden during the warmer weather, why not get it looking its best!?

Check out our helpful guide for the best tips and tricks to get your garden picture perfect for spring. In this article you’ll read about:

  • Flower Beds & Borders
  • Remove Garden Pests
  • Clean Garden Furniture
  • Power Wash Flags
  • Welcoming Birds

Flower Beds & Borders

You’ll want to clear any fallen leaves or debris from your flower beds and borders and remove any weeds you can see. If you want your garden to stand out, we’d recommend installing decorative borders to go around your grass and flowers. We also recommend laying down Weed Control Fabric to prevent weeds growing in your flower beds.

B&M Top Tip: Use this handy garden kneeler to work in comfort, without getting dirty.

Remove Garden Pests

How annoying are garden pest? Don’t allow them to destroy all your hard work. In the UK snails and slugs are common garden pest that can cause serious damage. We’d recommend using sticky tape, place the tape on your planters, pots and stop them pesky pests in their tracks. We also suggest getting pesticides which will help protect your plants.

Clean the Garden Furniture

Nobody wants to sit on dirty garden furniture, so roll your sleeves up, get scrubbing and get your furniture ready for chilling in the sunshine!

If your garden furniture is metal and is damaged by rust, you can sand it off and add rust-resistant paint. In the future we’d recommend fully covering your furniture during the winter months to prevent rust.

Plastic garden furniture is rather easy to clean, just wipe it down with warm soapy water.

To clean wooden furniture, we’d suggest sanding down any damaged areas, brush off any dust, and add a coat of Dulux Woodsheen Stain & Varnish to protect it from everyday wear and tear.

B&M Top Tip: Store your garden tools and supplies in this All Purpose Garden Caddy.

Power Wash the Flags

If you want your flags looking picture perfect for spring, we’d recommend brushing up any loose dirt and getting the jet washer out! The jet washer will allow you to remove any dirt on your flags with ease. To remove weeds breaking through your flags, you should first spray them with weed killer, and then pick the weeds out the ground using your hands.

Welcoming Birds

With your garden looking brand new, it’s time to welcome a bit of wildlife! There’s nothing better than watching nature up-close in your own garden. If you want birds to visit your garden, we’d suggest getting a bird feeder and place fresh water and bird seed in it. This will attract a variety of different birds and will brighten up your garden. We’d recommend cleaning your bird feeder once every 3 weeks.

B&M Top Tip: Why not add a bird house to your garden? Maybe you’ll get some new neighbours!

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