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Heinz Baby Food Timeline: "When Should I Give My Baby Solids?"

25 April 2019

Raising a baby is one of life’s most difficult tasks, with new lessons both taught and learned every day.

After the initial few months of milk, whether that’s breastfeeding or with formula, your baby can start sampling some more flavours and textures.

Everyone chooses to do things differently, with many using mushed up baby food to make it easier for them to swallow. So, when should you give your baby solids? Take a look at our baby food timeline below!

4 Months

A lot of parents give their baby solids straight away to teach them about food, how to hold it and how to chew it. This is called ‘baby weaning’.

You can start weaning from 4 months onwards (with advice from your GP), though most choose to start at 6 months. At B&M, we have plenty of Heinz Baby Food that can be consumed from this early age.

Heinz By Nature Pouches can be eaten from four months of age, with flavours including Sweet Potato & Mango and Peach, Mango, Banana & Apple.

Easing your baby into smooth foods from having only drunk milk is important, before starting lumpy food from seven months.

7 Months

Around this age, your baby’s gums are starting to get a little harder as their teeth are getting ready to sprout.

It’s at this stage where you can start introducing tougher foods for your baby to get used to. Things like Chocolate Biscotti, which softens while the baby sucks on it, allowing them to chew it and swallow, is ideal for this age group.

Similarly, Heinz’s Cheese & Tomato Pasta Stars would go down well, as the soft pasta shapes are easy to chew without teeth.

Both are full of goodness and made from natural ingredients, too.

B&M Top Tip: In these early days of feeling and testing new foods, your little one is bound to get messy, so make sure you cover their clothes! Use a pack of Waterproof Bibs which can be wiped clean and catch dropped food.

1 Year

As your adorable baby starts to grow into a toddler, it's time for tougher foods with more flavour and texture.

Soft pasta is still a good option, which is why Heinz Spaghetti Bolognese – made with 100% natural ingredients – is the perfect meal. Have a messy dinner and see if they can feed themselves the bolognese!

Another healthy option is Sweet Potato & Beef Hotpot. Full of vegetables and meat that is essential for helping your little one grow.

Along with some 6 months+ Fruity Spring Water, your toddler will be full up after a delicious and nutritious meal!

Do you have any baby feeding tips for mums & dads? If so, let the B&M Community know on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

The above advice is for reference only. If you have any concerns about feeding, nutrition, diet or any aspect of your baby's health or wellbeing, please consult your GP or other medical professional.