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Baby Bottles, Travel Bottles and Sip Cups

Baby Feeding Products at B&M

Whether you’re looking for milk, solid foods or easy to clean equipment such as high chairs, bowls and electric breast pumps, providing a healthy diet for your baby can quickly get expensive.

That’s why we work hard to maintain the high quality and nutritional value of the baby feeding products we offer while keeping prices low.

Baby Milk and Formula

With products from top brands like Aptamil, the baby milk and formulas we offer serve as a great supplement to any early-stage baby diet - with some suitable for use from birth.

Nutritionally balanced and suitable for both bottle and combination feeding, your baby will get the health benefits they need from this superb breastmilk substitute.

Baby Food and Snacks

From satisfying rusks, enhanced with healthy vitamins and minerals, to yummy, flavourful biscotti, the great snacks and foods we offer will always appeal to your baby’s developing palette.

They’ll also keep your little one topped up with all of the nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy.

Baby Bottles and Cups

It’s important to find baby feeding products that allow for easy eating with minimal mess - as well as a smooth transition between feeding your little one yourself and helping them to take the first steps towards handling their own baby cutlery.

Our baby bottles and cups are spill-proof and easy for little hands to grip - plus, they’re super-simple to clean with a bottle brush.

We also offer great food pots and stackable food bowls complete with lids, so you can easily feed your baby on the go.

So, for everything from milk, snacks and drinks to bowls, cups and cutlery, you’ll find a superb and affordable range here at B&M.

You’ll also find a big range of adorable bibs in our Baby Clothing section to protect from spits and spills during feeding!


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