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How to Keep Your Dog Healthy This Winter

05 December 2020


Your four-legged friends will need extra care during the colder months. Here’s how to ensure that your dog stays warm and safe as the temperature drops. We advise you to:

  • Wrap them in warm clothing
  • Keep them visible at night
  • Wrap them up on walks
  • Keep them active indoors
  • Beware of antifreeze
  • Keep on top of grooming
  • Take care of their paws

Cold weather affects dogs just like anyone else. It’s easy to forget that freezing temperatures can cause problems for pets, as they can’t tell us when they are in discomfort - so you must take every precaution that you can to keep your dog healthy this winter!

Here are just a few of the ways we can protect our dogs throughout the chilliest season.

Wrap Them in Warm Clothing

Both long and short haired dogs will benefit from an extra layer as the temperature drops. Keep your best friend warm with some cute accessories. They can be fun and seasonal as well as practical!

Keep Them Visible at Night

There are fewer hours of daylight during the winter months, so make sure that your pet can always be seen during dark mornings and nights. Use reflective accessories when taking them out for walks.

Wrap Them up on Walks

Dogs love getting outside, whatever the weather! However, on a winter walk, if you’re cold and wet, they are too.

When walking your dog, make sure your pet stays warm and protected against rain, snow and ice by providing proper equipment. You can get doggy raincoats and even wellies!

Keep Them Active Indoors

Dogs spend lots of time outdoors naturally, but the winter weather can make that impractical. To keep them fit and prevent boredom, interact with them using lots of fun toys and activities!

B&M Top Tip: These toys could tie in with your seasonal decor. Consider festive food plushies or Christmas themed items.

Beware of Antifreeze

Most dogs eat and drink anything they can get their paws on! 

In the colder months, there is a lot of antifreeze around. This substance is highly toxic but has a sweet taste which appeals to pooches. You need to take extra care that your four legged friends are not able to imbibe any of this nasty stuff.

Keep on Top of Grooming

Dogs do moult less in the winter - but if you leave them to get too fuzzy, they can actually overheat!

What’s more, dogs can get nasty, itchy, dry skin from central heating and the changing temperature. Use some nourishing skin oil to soothe them.

B&M Top Tip: Good pet nutrition is vital in winter. Doggy joints can get achy and stiff in the cold, so keep them topped up with supplements. Don’t forget to keep their water bowls filled too, and don’t let them freeze over when outside!

Take Care of Their Paws

Pets’ paws should be carefully looked after in winter. Water can collect between toe beans and freeze the fur during walks, causing discomfort and injury. You should regularly trim fur and nails and protect paws while outside.

Keep your pets healthy by wrapping them up warm, keeping them visible and well-equipped outside, making sure they stay active, keeping them away from antifreeze and grooming them properly. They’ll love you all the more for it!

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