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How To Keep Your Pets Flea Free

03 October 2018

Retaining your pet’s health is important to a happy life, so medicating them against fleas is essential.

According to research conducted by the RSPCA, 2.4 million pets around the United Kingdom will have fleas, which means they live in our houses too!

However there are lots of amazing pet flea treatment products available at B&M stores nationwide, allowing you to combat against fleas, and keep your beloved pet healthy in the process!

Safeguard Your House, as Well as Your Pet

Fleas can live in carpets, crevices, hard floors and furnishings at home so your pet dog or cat is never truly safe from them unless they’re properly protected.

“Only around 5% of a flea infestation is made up of adult fleas on your pet, whereas 95% is in your home as eggs, larvae and pupae,” claims the RSPCA. “This means that to prevent and control flea infestations, both ‘on animal’ and environmental protection must be used.”

Be sure to treat your home with Bob Martin Flea Spray by applying it to soft furnishings and your pet’s bed.

Use FLEAaway Cat Flea Treatment on your feline friend; it keeps them protected from the pesky insects for up to 4 weeks with just one solution.

This particular kit includes 3 solutions, keeping you covered for up to three months.

Purr-fect Conditions

RSPCA claim that when the weather warms up - as it did this summer - and is followed by downpours, it creates a ‘perfect storm’ for fleas to thrive.

During the summer months, the UK experienced increased heat and humidity, which led to a population growth among fleas. With the wet weather now on our doorstep, its worth taking preventative measures to ensure your pets don’t become a home to itchy insects.

Whether you have a tiny Jack Russel or a Great Dane, RSPCA's FLEAaway solution will keep them protected for up to 8 weeks.

Do you have any tips to help fight against fleas and ticks in your home? If so, let the B&M community know on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

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