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How to throw a BIG kids birthday party on a small budget

09 October 2015

Kids birthday parties are fun occasions for friends and family, but parents can often feel pressured into emptying their wallets. Check out these great kids party ideas for a brilliant birthday that won’t leave you out of pocket.


Classic party games never fail to entertain and they cost very little to set up. Check out these simple kids games that have stood the test of time:

  • Pass the Parcel: all you need for this one is a few cheap toy gifts and wrapping paper. Wrap the first gift as usual, and add one extra gift for every extra layer of wrapping paper that goes around it. Sit the kids into a circle and start the music. When the music stops, the child holding the parcel gets to unwrap one layer and keep the gift inside!
  • Musical Chairs: to enjoy this party favourite, all you need is some groovy tunes and one less chair than the number of guests. Set the chairs up back to back and have the kids dance around to the music. When it stops, everyone must find a seat. The child left without one is out! Keep partying till you have a winner.
  • Simon Says: this game is all about listening carefully, so listen up…one child is nominated as Simon who shouts out instructions to the rest of the party, such as “Simon says, rub your belly” or “Simon says, stamp your feet”. Children must leave the game if they follow an instruction that doesn’t have “Simon says…” before it.

After all the fun and games, it can be nice to wind down with something less energetic. Why not get your guests stuck into some craft activities? We have arts and craft sets that contain everything you need to bring out their creative side, and give you a minute of peace!


Feeding your party guests is often the biggest drain on your budget. But it needn’t be the case, and you can save money on party food simply by what time you choose to have the party.

A 2-3pm party means your guests have had lunch, and you can keep them going with just birthday cake, juice and ice-cream. Just make it clear on the invitations that you’re throwing a “Dessert Party” so they don’t expect a full meal for their children.

Alternatively, stick to kid-friendly finger-food and you can feed many mouths for a measly amount. Mini sausage rolls, cocktail sausages, mini pizzas, quiches and multi-pack juice boxes can be enough to fill their stomachs without breaking the bank.

And remember to use cheap paper plates and party cups. We have a great range for boys and girls in our Party Shop, including bowls, party blowers, birthday balloons, party bags and napkins.


Party bags are a great tradition of the British birthday party. Having a bag full of goodies to dive into on the way home is as exciting as the party itself and is a nice memento to take away.

Explore our toys and games for a great range of cheap and fun presents to fill your party bags. Or if you’re off to someone else’s party, we have a treasure chest of dolls, action figures and play sets for the birthday boy or girl.

Have a price-busting party tip of your own? Tell us how you put on a birthday bash without breaking the bank.