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How to Throw the Ultimate Halloween Party

16 October 2019

Halloween is one of the biggest festive events in the calendar. It’s creepy, kooky and perfect for parties. If you’re planning your own spooky event this year, there’s plenty you can do to make it a success.

To ensure you don’t get freaked out by the planning process - or the cost - of bringing your awesome Halloween party ideas to life, the team at B&M has come up with this guide to putting together the ultimate ghostly get-together on a budget.

From party decoration ideas to Halloween food, costumes and everything in-between, why not use this article as a checklist to keep your planning on track?


Great lighting sets the atmosphere from the moment your guests walk through the door - but it’s also very easily forgotten about!

There are many reasons why you should use lights as part of your Halloween décor: they can dramatically change the look of a room without you having to splash out on any major decorating, they take very little clearing away and they work to best effect in the dark.

Set the scene by draping string lights around your home and add curtain lights around your windows. They’ll highlight features in any space and glow eerily in the gloom - particularly if you surround them with fake cobwebs to act as hazy diffusers.

Spooky light projectors that work both indoors and outdoors will continue your Halloween theme into your garden or across your home’s facade. Include motion-sensors to surprise or entertain guests at the door or show treat or treaters that there are treats available...for those who dare!

If you’re planning an event with dancing, you can also opt for strobe lights. This will give off a club vibe and create an awesome atmosphere - and you can even find themed versions complete with lightning flashes and thunder sounds for some extra shivers. 

You’ll also need to find some great Halloween music to go with your atmospheric lighting plan.


All of your party attendees will be excited to see how you’ve decorated - it’s one of the most important aspects of a Halloween party after all. But never fear - it’s surprisingly easy to impress without breaking the bank.

You can turn the “scare factor” up or down on your event by choosing between cute accessories like balloon banners and ghost garlands and slightly spookier features like hanging spiders or eerie zombie hands breaking through the ground.

If you know your guests are down for a bit of gore, you can even include a few spatters of fake blood to really give them the chills.


Food & Drink

They may be surrounded by all things gruesome and ghoulish, but your guests will still want to eat! 

It’s normal for a large proportion of Halloween food to consist of sweet treats and chocolates, but you should also include more substantial fare like sandwiches and savoury finger food to counteract the inevitable sugar crashes.

Distribute nibbles and snacks evenly throughout rooms - and perhaps load up a buffet table for something a little more filling. Drinks are important too; why not create your own cocktails and potions?

You’ll find a varied supply of affordable and fun Halloween party food and beverages on our Halloween party page!


Some of the most popular Halloween party ideas are those that crop up in unexpected places - for example, you can include your tableware in your theme for even more spooky fun.

From cute or creepy bowls to tablecloths bearing doom-ridden messages, even the most everyday items can add to the Halloween vibe.

You can even include fun themed paper plates to mix and match - which will also save you washing up afterwards.



The right outfit is, of course, vital to any spooky party - and there’s no need to drain your account in order to put together some very effective and scary Halloween costumes.

B&M’s costumes and accessories for both adults and kids are extremely reasonably priced and great quality, so you can enjoy Halloween party games and dance the night away in character for less! Why not encourage your guests to don costumes too by awarding a prize to the best dressed?

Once you have the basics organised - from atmosphere-enhancing lighting and décor to great food and costumes - the rest is up to you! Put together some fun Halloween party games and pick out a great playlist by interspersing your favourite tracks with some classic Halloween music to put your own personal stamp on what is bound to be a great night.

B&M Top Tip: For more great Halloween party ideas and inspiration, why not take a look at our dedicated Halloween shop?

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