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Trick or Treat Sweets & Accessories

Trick or Treat

Pick up affordable Halloween sweets to prepare for the much-loved Halloween tradition of trick or treating this October 31st!

The phrase “trick or treat” came into common use in the early-to-mid 20th century, and refers to the activity of going door to door on Halloween night, asking for tasty snacks.

The tradition is thought to have been inspired by the ancient ritual of giving and receiving of “soul cake”.

Soul cake dates back to the middle ages and was made to remember the dead on All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day - a period now better known as Halloween.

However, modern treats can range from dark, white and milk chocolate buttons to imaginative Halloween gummies and more.

Trick or Treat Supplies

You can pick up an excellent range of sweets and from B&M to get stocked up in time for trick or treating on Halloween.

Trick or treaters usually range in age from toddlers with their parents to young teenagers, so it’s important to have a good selection for kids of all ages to get their Dracula teeth into!

Kids will love our creepy and fun Halloween themed sweets, like mallow brains and intestines, gummy eyeballs and hard candy fingers - as well as our “body parts” selection bags.

Little ones will be amazed at our glow in the dark lollies, while spiders in a bag can serve as a creepy surprise.

We even have “ghost poos” on offer!

Our range of snacks will help you to easily prepare for trick or treaters as you get ready for Halloween.

If you’re planning a party, why not take a look at B&M’s selection of affordable Halloween Decorations to really set the mood - whether you’re throwing a horror film festival, an autumnal feast or a crazy costume contest!

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