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Kids Christmas Eve Box: Best Ideas for 2017

19 December 2017

Have you made up a Christmas Eve box for your little ones yet? Maybe you’ve never even heard of a Christmas Eve box!

For those still out in the cold, a Christmas Eve box is exactly what it says on the, well…the box! Fill with a few small presents and let the kids open it the night before Christmas. It’s a great way to keep highly excitable children calm and occupied ahead of the big day!

Read on to see the best picks and presents for your Christmas Eve box…

The Box

First thing’s first: you’ll need a box! The cuter, more sparkly and more festive the better! Kids will love our Giant Christmas Box with Bow & Tag, and there are lots of designs and sizes to choose from.

Read a Book

The idea behind Christmas Eve boxes is that they should help settle your excited little elves ahead of Santa’s imminent arrival. Reading them a new book  will encourage calmness throughout the house, and is a great way to get them into bed. Or if they’re not tired, why not try a colouring book?

B&M Top Tip: don’t forget the colouring pens! We have a huge selection of felt tip pens and colour pencils to scribble away with.

New PJs


Getting them to go to bed shouldn’t usually be a problem on Christmas Eve – the sooner they’re asleep the sooner Santa’s footsteps will be heard on the roof!

They’ll love a new set of pyjamas on Christmas Eve and at B&M we’ve got everything from unicorns to Paw Patrol. Or how about a Christmas themed onesie? Our Kids Reindeer Onesie has a soft fleece finish and a hood complete with antlers and red nose!

A Cuddly Bear

Perfect for snuggling up to at bedtime or on the couch, a cuddly toy is great gift for a Christmas Eve box.

And the kids can add their own unique personality by building their very own Christmas Teddy Bear! It comes complete with stuffing and needle to sew bear up, as well as a waistcoat, mistletoe and even a cute birth certificate so your little ones can name them!

Just be sure to give them a hand when it comes to the stitching!

Movie Magic

There really is nothing quite like a Christmas film to get you and the family feeling festive! And with so many to choose from at B&M, you won’t run out in a hurry.

Elf, Home Alone, Polar Express, A Christmas Wish and Miracle on 34th Street are just some of our favourites here at B&M HQ, but you’ll be sure to find the Christmas films you and your kids simply can’t start Christmas without!

Make Popcorn!


If you’re watching films all evening, then you’ll need a hungry reindeer’s supply of popcorn to see you through. Grab a bag of popcorn at your local B&M, or make it even more exciting by making your own!

Our Downtown Popcorn Maker works a treat, and makes delicious popcorn in under 3 minutes! Or how about the Butterkist Popcorn Cart? You’ll feel like you’re out at the movies when you use the serving scoop to dish out delicious popcorn into mini bags!

B&M Top Tip: want to try our Gingerbread Popcorn recipe? It's really easy! Just watch our how-to video here.

Snacks for Santa & His Reindeer

Don’t forget you’ll be having guests in the middle of the night, so be sure to give them a hospitable welcome. I’m not sure if you know, but Santa simply cannot resist a mince pie (or 4) and Rudolph and his reindeer pals will be glad of a carrot or two after such a long journey.

This Treats for Santa 3pc Set is perfect for leaving their midnight snacks on and helps keep the place tidy (Santa’s such a messy eater, didn’t you know?).

Which Christmas Eve box gifts did we miss out? Share your Christmas Eve traditions with the B&M community on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!

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