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Looking to Cultivate Mindfulness? Try These 5 Home Practices

12 February 2024

When did you last stop to smell the roses? In a world that’s constantly on the go, it’s easy to forget that joy lies in appreciating the present moment and all the little wonders it holds. 

That’s where mindfulness comes in. It’s a practice that’s been gaining a lot of attention in recent years, encouraging all of us to be more conscious of the here and now.

If you’re embarking on a journey of mindfulness for beginners, the best place to start is at home. We’ve put together 5 at-home practices to create calm, focus, and everyday joy in your life. 

1) Create a Space for Mindfulness

You can practice mindfulness everywhere, but when you’re starting your journey towards a more present state of being, it’s a good idea to set up a space specifically in your home. This should be a quiet area free from distractions, where you can get comfortable and concentrate on yourself. 

The Ezra Nest of 2 Tables is ideal for creating a mindfulness space even when you don’t have a lot of room. In a minimal design, it suits the calm vibe of mindfulness, with one table sliding neatly under for a practical, space-saving solution. 

On the larger table, add mindfulness essentials that you find calming, like our relaxing Cassis Violet and Amber Candle, a green plant, or grounding good luck gemstones

Leave the second table as a workspace for journaling, drawing, or any other activity that boosts your mindfulness.

Having a space dedicated to being quiet can help put you in a reflective zone. You know that when you light your candle or hold your gemstones, it’s time to be mindful, and soon you’ll find inner reflection becoming a reflex when you sit down in your quiet space.

2) Start Daily Journaling

As you begin cultivating mindfulness, you might find that journaling is a good way to monitor your inner world. 

This involves writing down any thoughts or feelings that you’ve been dwelling on and taking notes on what naturally flows through your mind in the moment. There are no expectations and no judgement; just write freely about how you feel.

Try our Mindfulness Journal to get started, putting aside just 10-15 minutes a day for reflective writing. From detailing a recent event to curating a gratitude list, leave this as a space to write about whatever naturally comes into your mind. 

3) Create a Calm and Tidy Home

Mindfulness for beginners doesn’t have to be difficult. Something as simple as being conscious of the clutter in your home can go a long way to promoting calm and focus. Keeping a tidy environment has been shown to improve well-being and reduce stress, leaving you with room to live your life more consciously.

You can be mindful as you organise, too. By turning off distractions and reminding yourself that you’re tidying to create a calm haven of a home, the practice of cleaning becomes more enjoyable and grounded. Light a candle, take some deep breaths, and organise your home with these tips.

Organise Your Living Room

Your living space should blend function and organisation. Consider what items you frequently have in this space, such as books, headphones, and digital devices, before finding clever storage solutions to keep your area clutter-free and ready for mindful relaxation.

An Ezra Two-Door Sideboard is a neat and stylish storage solution for living rooms. The doors hide any clutter, keeping your belongings out of sight and out of mind as you rest, while the rustic finish adds a touch of contemporary design to your interior. Add calming decor, such as a Homestead Diffuser Set, to the top surface for a stylish finish.

Organise Your Kitchen

Cooking is a mindful activity that can be both enjoyable and stress-relieving. Make cooking up healthy dishes simpler by organising your kitchen cupboards with handy storage solutions. 

A 3 Tier Cupboard Organiser makes it easier to see and find your ingredients as you cook. Suitable for both the fridge and your cupboards, it’s a must-have for mindful organisation. 

We also recommend using Ribbed Food Storage Containers to remove the mess and fuss of packaging, creating a neat kitchen that you enjoy cooking in.

Organise Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a restful, welcoming environment that gives you the space to decompress after a busy day. Whether you’re journaling at your desk or reading in bed, make sure clutter doesn’t get in the way of winding down.

Use decorative storage solutions for aesthetic organisation. For the bedroom, wicker baskets are a great way to quickly tidy your odds and ends while keeping the space stylish and minimal.

Make use of Large White & Natural Basket for spare blankets, clothes you haven’t put away yet, and bulkier items that need easy storage.

Organise your wardrobe with the smaller White & Seagrass Basket, ideal for separating your socks from your tights and holding plenty of little trinkets. 

Organise Your Bathroom

Your bathroom should be a space for mindful self-care rituals. Keep your favourite skincare goodies on display using a Wooden Bathroom Tray, suiting the on-trend natural aesthetic and making sure your go-to essentials are easy to grab. 

Tidy anything that you don’t want on display with Woven Storage Drawers, designed for narrow spaces and a clutter-free bathroom.

4) Practise Mindful Self-Care

Adding a self-care routine to your day makes prioritising mindfulness easy, even when your to-do list is full. Something as simple as washing your face can become a peaceful moment of reflection in which you take a moment to check in with your emotions.

Think about the sensation of water on your skin and the noises you hear. If you notice you feel stressed, relieve tension by relaxing your muscles and breathing deeply.

Pair your routine with a calming skincare product, like the Lavender Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask, and give your mind a moment to rest.

5) Try Guided Meditation

If you struggle to be present even with at-home rituals, try a 5-minute mindfulness meditation. Plenty of guided meditations are available online that help you re-focus your thoughts on the present moment.

Start with just a few minutes as you ease yourself into meditation. Don’t put pressure on yourself to keep other thoughts at bay, but instead let the thoughts come, acknowledge them, and then send them away.

It’s also crucial you create a distraction-free, quiet environment. Get comfortable, too, using blankets and cushions to prevent chills or aches from getting in the way of your mindfulness. A Waffle Throw is the ideal soft, cosy companion for your guided meditation sessions.

If you struggle sitting still when meditating, why not try mindfulness yoga? As an exercise form that’s designed to ground and focus the mind, it can help you follow a guide without becoming restless.

Give Mindfulness a Try

Whether to reduce stress or find more joy in the little things, mindfulness for beginners is a great way to slow down in this fast-paced world. Give some of the tips shared in this blog a try and start living a more conscious life. 

Have you tried any mindfulness practices that have helped you focus? We’d love to hear them! Share your experiences on B&M’s Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), or Instagram.

This blog was written exclusively for B&M Lifestyle by interior design specialist, Kelly Edwards.

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