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Outdoor Toys to Enjoy the Sunshine

02 July 2015

When summer finally decides to turn up on our shores, there’s nowhere better to be than outdoors. Whether it’s in your very own garden or in your local park, getting out for some play time is one of the joys of summer. Kids being kids and adults being…well, kids.

And no matter what your budget is, there are plenty of games and outdoor activities to enjoy with the family. Our Toys & Games buyer Amy runs us through the greatest games to keep the kids busy this summer. You’ll no doubt recognise a few from your own childhood!

Tug of War

War… what is it good for? As long as you’re just fighting over bragging rights, then this rope-pulling version can be lots of fun! Get your team huddle sorted and your victory dances at the ready. Tug of war is a great way to get the kids working together, often with hilarious outcomes! And all you need is a bit of rope!

What you’ll need: 1 x long piece of rope (approx. 20m, depending on the size of your teams), roll of white tape, 2 x tribes


What could be more fun than jumping up and down on your very own trampoline!? B&M’s enclosed trampolines ensure your little one’s can go hopping mad in a safe environment. It’s a brilliant way for the whole family to work up a sweat and get some exercise in the security of your own garden.

Check out B&M’s 8ft and 12ft trampolines. Only available in-store.

Paddling Pool

This might be news to you but summers can get hot! The best way to stay hydrated and have fun is with a paddling pool. Just fill’er up and hop in! It’s a great way to introduce babies and toddlers to pools and the kids will spend hours splashing around. We have pools of all shapes and sizes, so get the BBQ out, invite your friends and family round and do your best rain dance for an unforgettable summer experience!

Wheelbarrow Race

Another classic outdoor game that relies on teamwork (and a decent wheelbarrow impersonation). One of you will be running, holding your partners legs while the other uses their hands to scurry to the end. The first pair to “wheel” themselves to the finish line wins! Be careful not to go too fast though; remember you’re only as quick as your wheelbarrow’s hands can carry you!

What you’ll need: A firm grip and quick hands!


Do you remember this childhood favourite? A game of skill and accuracy, go head-to-head with your opponent and see who comes out on top! Swingball is a fun outdoor game that requires bags of energy and is suitable for the whole family (for 4+ years). You can get your very own All Surface Swingball Set in B&M stores nationwide, and thanks to its handy carry case you can take the fun with you to the park or beach!


Take aim and let fly for some bowling fun in the garden! We have a great selection of kids bowling sets complete with pins and bowling balls. This outdoor game can be played anywhere (even indoors on those rainy days!) and is a true test of your hand-eye coordination. Brush up on your bowling skills with a Disney Frozen or Despicable Me Minion branded bowling set, available in-store!

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