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03 March 2021 - Blogs - How to,Pets

How to Celebrate National Pet Day

In this article on how to celebrate National Pet Day, the team at B&M suggests great ways to give your furry friend the time of their life on this special occasion.

12 March 2021 - Blogs - Health & Wellbeing,Top Tips & Tricks

5 Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

You can’t underestimate the benefits of a goods night sleep, It’s important for both your physical and mental health.

03 March 2021 - Blogs - DIY & Decorating,Home,How to

How to Future Proof Your Home Office

Now more than ever, home designers are trying to make decisions that last. Check out B&M's tips to help you pursue a smart home office design.

10 March 2021 - Blogs - Garden & Outdoor,Top Tips & Tricks

Which Fence is Right for You? 4 Things to Consider When Buying Fencing

There is a huge variety of garden fencing available. How do you choose the best fencing for you and your garden? B&M is here to help!

03 March 2021 - Blogs - Pets,Top Tips & Tricks

Oral Care for Your Pets

Check out the best pet oral care advice on how to keep your four-legged friend's teeth and gums healthy.

19 February 2021 - Blogs - Health & Wellbeing,Inspire Me,Top Tips & Tricks

Help Relieve Stress & Anxiety with These Mindfulness Techniques

The past 12 months have been difficult for us all. If you're feeling anxious, stressed or down, why not try some of these mindfulness techniques to help you feel yourself again?

17 February 2021 - Blogs - Health & Wellbeing,Ideas & Inspiration,What's Trending

Show Someone You Care with B&M Flowers

There’s never been a better time to treat someone, simply to put a smile on their face. So show someone you care with B&M Flowers - here's the pick of the bunch.

17 February 2021 - Blogs - Garden & Outdoor,Ideas & Inspiration

Wonderful Wooden Greenhouses: Why Choose Wood?

Ever thought about a wooden greenhouse? The real question should be: why haven't you thought of one before? Read on to have all your wooden greenhouse questions answered