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Save Time on Laundry: Top Tips for a Quicker Wash

17 March 2021


Whether you love it or hate it, laundry is one of those household tasks we can’t avoid. For some people it’s a task that takes their mind off of other things; a relief from tougher duties. For others, it’s a plain old nuisance.

However you feel about it, there are ways to help you save time on washing, making you more productive and giving you more time for yourself (or any other household chores!). In this article you’ll discover how to save time on laundry by:

  • Putting on Shorter Washes
  • Ironing Without Doing any Ironing
  • Washing the Right Kinds of Items First
  • Ensuring you Have a Good Stock of Laundry Essentials

Shorter Washes

As long as your clothes aren’t caked in mud or covered in last night’s dinner, you’ll usually get away with a shorter washing cycle (most washing machines have a short cycle pre-set). If you use the appropriate amount of washing detergent and a healthy dose of Comfort Fabric Conditioner your clothes will still come out clean and smelling as fresh as the day they were bought.

B&M Top Tip: shorter wash cycles are better for the environment too! You’ll use less water and energy, and if you can pop it on a cooler setting (30° is usually enough) – all the greener!

Ironing Without Ironing

If you’re using a tumble dryer, don’t wait for clothes to cool down once it’s done. As long as they’re cool enough to handle, get them out and lay them flat – this will reduce the amount of creases for most garments.

Towels First

Longer, warmer days mean more time for drying outdoors! If you’ve got a lot of laundry to get through, get your bigger and heavier items – like towels, bed sheets and jeans – done first. They’ll take longer to dry compared to t-shirts and underwear, so you’ll make the most of the drying time. Just keep an eye on those rainclouds…

B&M Top Tip: if you’re really short on time, adding a colour catcher to your wash will save you having to sort your laundry by colour. Just avoid anything brightly coloured that hasn’t yet been washed going in with your whites…!

Take Stock

The last thing you need when you’re short on time is to go to your laundry cupboard and find an empty bottle of detergent. Argh! Rather than send them to school in a dirty uniform, make sure you always have a plentiful stock of Surf Liquid Detergent – crisis averted!

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