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Stay Protected and Enjoy the Summer Sun This Year With B&M's Suncare Range

25 May 2023

Anybody and everybody should be able to feel the joys of the great outdoors this summer! Whether you’re sitting in the park with friends or relaxing in the garden, the summer sunshine is one of life’s great pleasures.

Here at B&M we’re here to make sure you get the most out of summer. Our Suncare range is made to cater for all and make sure you stay safe and comfortable! If you get burnt in the shade or can tan for hours everybody needs to be protected from sunburn and peel, and we at B&M are here to help.

Superb Suncream For Kids

The most vulnerable people in the summer rays are children. Unaware of the dangers and too eager to care we at B&M have high quality and great value suncream to prevent painful burns all summer long.

Our Garnier Ambre Solaire Kids Sensitive Protection Mist Spf 50+ 150ml is specially formulated and designed for children's delicate skin.

With an SPF 50 rating you'll be protected fifty times longer than a lower SPF rating, meaning with regular reapplications, your child will be protected throughout the day. The mist application method also provides a more even coverage and is less difficult to apply.

The Nivea Kids Moisturising Sun Cream Spray is another option and features an enhanced UVA/UVB filter system, which provides immediate protection from UV rays whilst also moisturising skin to keep it hydrated throughout the day.

As an additional feature the spray is also extra water resistant, allowing for hours of water fun free from burn.

A great addition to the previously mentioned options is our Nivea Kids F50 Sun Cream Pocket Size. Similar to the previous suncreams with factor 50 protection and water resistance, this pocket size tube is handy for reapplication during the day and small top ups on vulnerable areas.

B&M Top Tip: Remember to reapply suncream every two hours or after extensive water activities to maximise the effectiveness of the suncream. The shoulders, chest, forehead and ears are also often forgotten and are vulnerable areas so be sure to reapply in these areas to prevent burn.

Soothing Aftersun for Skin Aftercare

Despite your best efforts sunburn can sometimes still occur. However, our sun aftercare products will help sooth pain and discomfort whilst repairing any damage inflicted on your skin.

Our Nivea After Sun Moisture Lotion will keep your skin cooled and soothed for up to 24 hours with intensive moisture treatment helping repair skin and reduce inflammation.

The Calypso After Sun with Insect Repellent is also a must have. During the evening bugs can descend and aggravate sunburn. With its 2 in 1 treatment your skin will be soothed and cooled, and free from any bug bites with its built in bug repellent formula and Aloe Vera solution.

For those looking to maximise their tan the Piz Buin After Sun Lotion is perfect.

Whilst soothing and moisturising sun burn the lotion is complete with Tanimel plant extract. The plant extract helps double the production of the skin’s natural tanning pigments leading to a darker tan and healthier skin. What could be better!

B&M Top Tip: Be sure to check out our Suncare Aftersun category page online as most of our products come in different sizes suited to your needs.

Multipacks to Make Sure You’re Always Prepared

You never know how long you might be outside enjoying the sun day to day, and with regular application to ensure protection the bottles can disappear quickly. So make sure you’re stocked up on multipacks of Suncream and Spray here at B&M.


The convenient Malibu Travel Bag includes sun spray bottles of 10 and 15 SPF and an Aloe Vera Aftersun bottle. This complete array of products will keep you protected on your travels across Britain and abroad.

Similarly, the Malibu Sun Cream Travel Bag allows for easy storage and access to more sun protection products. Perfectly fits into a suitcase or day bag.

An often overlooked aspect of sun protection is Lip Balm. Some SPF rated lip balm can prevent dry and cracked lips after a day out in the sun.

Our Malibu Lip Care Balm 3pk provides both UVA and UVB protection. With an SPF 30 formula your lips will be moisturised and protected all day long.

The three pack also includes three flavours of mint, watermelon and vanilla!

B&M Top Tip: Remember that SPF 30 is the recommend minimum for children, so be sure to have a selection of SPF bottles for yourself and your loved ones to cater to their needs and keep everyone protected.

Essential Insect Repellent for a Bite Free Summer

Insect and bug bites can be painful and irritating throughout the summer. That’s why it’s vitally important to protect yourself at every opportunity, to keep yourself safe and free from discomfort.

Our Xpel Mosquito Repellent Bands 2pk keep pests at bay with an easy to use and convenient wrist band. Its tropical formula gives long lasting relief against insect/mosquito bites and stings.

To further help with keeping pesky insects away the Jungle Formula Extra Stong Insect Repellent keeps away biting insects, mosquitoes and midges. The range is scientifically proven to provide active protection from mosquitoes and is recommended by the World Health Organisation.

Overnight protection will also ensure you have a great night's sleep free from bites and sores. The Xpel Mosquito & Insect Relief Plug-In keeps you and your family protected from insect and mosquito bites throughout the night, diffusing the insect repellent into the room and keeping pests away.

The plug in device comes with a 35ml solution which offers strong and long lasting protection for up to 45 nights.

How do you plan to spend your summer this year? Do you have all the Suncare products you need? Share it with the B&M Community via TwitterFacebook or Instagram.

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