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The Top Wallpaper Trends Of 2019

28 August 2019

If you’re thinking of giving your home a makeover this summer, one of the most effective approaches is to hang brand new wallpaper featuring a striking, on-trend design.

Wallpaper has never gone out of fashion. It’s an easy way to quickly transform a room and improve outdated décor.

So, which looks are the most popular in 2019? The specialist homeware team at B&M will tell you.


geometric wallpaper


The geometric trend has been around for a couple of years and is still just as sought-after as ever. There are many options available featuring elegant patterns that incorporate aesthetically pleasing shapes - so all you need to do is pick your favourite!

These patterns can be a little imposing, particularly in smaller spaces, so it may be best to choose a feature wall for your geometric paper and use a plain single tone for the rest of the room.


Main Image for wallpaper trends

Silvers, golds, bronzes and coppers in different shades are all over the world of fashion right now - and that extends to interior design! While a bright copper coloured wall may be a bit much, muted tones such as a soft, warm rose gold will offer a hint of rich comfort to your walls. This ombre design provides depth and renders the look still more gentle by breaking it up into areas of light and shade.

Marble Effect

Marble is the finish of choice for only the classiest of establishments. If you love the look of natural textures but long for something with more of a “high-end” appearance, a smooth marble effect on your wall will create just that. With paler or darker shades to choose from, this great wallpaper look suits both large and small rooms due to its subtle rippled effect.

Combine two trends in one with this design - featuring veins of gold through a moody soft grey backdrop.


Maybe it’s thanks to Love Island, or maybe it’s just that everyone loves summer. Whatever it is, tropical patterns have made a big comeback in interior design, and we reckon they’re going to stick around.

Pick up a roll of palm-printed paper to add some sunshine and fun into your space.

B&M Top Tip: It's amazing how much you can transform a room with a simple splash of paint. Our Johnstone's range of wall and ceiling paint in the latest, top trending colours that match any of our newest wallpaper.


Of course, wallpaper’s interest doesn’t necessarily need to come only from its colour or pattern - textured paper provides a way of engaging another one of your senses in the enjoyment of a space.

Rejecting the typical smooth look and adding something tactile-looking is also a great way to break up a large, bare surface area. So, if you’re struggling to add interest to a featureless wall, this may be the best approach for you!

Far East

The Japanese screen-print trend has come back around after decades, and we’re absolutely here for it. Delicate imagery and soft, pale, refreshing colours will give every space a relaxing, gentle, arty vibe. This style will stick around.

Our soft yellow crane patterned paper is sweet and feminine while providing a warm, sunny glow to your space.

Vintage Damask

Wallpaper Trends - Tools

Sumptuous and decadent, wallpaper in soft colours, patterned with bold motifs that invoke images of flowers or other elegant designs, will make your rooms look fit for a king or queen. Damask patterns, in particular, are a current favourite. Selecting deep, rich tones will take the feeling of decadence still further!

When preparing to hang your new paper, it’s always best to strip any existing wall coverings first for a smooth finish. After that, simply pick up a high-quality specialist adhesive and a wallpaper hanging set - including stripping knife, seam roller, paper hanging brush and trimming knife - and you’re good to get started!

B&M Top Tip: One of the most effective ways of tying your new paper into the overall décor of a room is also the cheapest - pick up a few cushions and other soft furnishings to compliment your walls and the look will be complete! We have a wide, luxurious range available here.

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