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Top DIY Tips for Bringing Your Decking Back to Life

25 April 2018

We’ve had some lovely weather this month that’s hinted at a wonderfully warm summer, so get out in the garden, roll your sleeves up and put your DIY hat on.

If your decking is looking a little worse for wear after a long winter, now's the time to fix it up and bring your garden back to life in time for summer.

Don't know where to start? Not sure what you need? Don't worry, the gardening experts at B&M HQ are here to help!

Helpful Tips

  1. Clean the surface thoroughly, removing any mould or algae. If the decking has been left uncoated for more than a month, give it a good clean over again
  2. Once dry, remove any loose nails and replace them with the next size up. The bigger nail will provide a greater grip, holding loosened wood in place
  3. Remove ridges or lifted grain with sandpaper to smooth the decking out
  4. Use a stain remover on any wood that’s previously had a coated finish
  5. Cover nearby plants with plastic to avoid any possible damage
  6. Stir the paint or oil of your choosing. Don’t shake as it will create air bubbles in the finish

Now that you’ve got some tips to help you get started, you’ll need the best products to achieve the glorious new look you’re after.

Spear & Jackson Teak Oil

This 500ml bottle of Teak Oil from Spear & Jackson has been specially developed to replace the natural oils that are removed through weathering.

It then protects your decking through all types of weather, as well as adding a luxurious tint to the wood.

Spear & Jackson Decking Stain

If you’re keen on a natural looking finish then this decking stain is ideal.

Better yet, it's available in three different colours including Slate Grey, Red Cedar and Natural Oak. Whatever your natural colour, bring your decking back to life with ease.

Spear & Jackson Stain enhances the look of your decking and provides a durable, hard-wearing finish.

B&M Top Tip: don't forget you'll need an adequate brush to apply your decking stain. The Harris Transform Decking Brush provides a smooth and even coverage - perfect for gardening novices!

Spear & Jackson Linseed Oil

Provide your decking with a glorious finish using Spear & Jackson's linseed oil.

It leaves a slick wet look after soaking into the grain, and creates a moisture resistant barrier that won’t crack over time like paint usually does.

It prevents moisture from forcing its way underneath the surface and decaying the wood, making your decking last even longer!

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