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Top Tips For The Ultimate BBQ Party

29 July 2020

Tips For The Ultimate BBQ Party


Brits have a tendency to fire up the grill as soon as a spell of dry weather comes their way - so there’s no better time for a garden party than summer!

It’s easy to make your BBQ parties legendary. This article will explain how to pull off the perfect cookout time and time again.

Invest in a Good Quality BBQ

Disposables are great, but you need to be able to trust that they’ll work for as long as required. We love disposables from The Original BBQ Company, as they cook food for up to an hour and a half.

Otherwise, if you’re a real BBQ lover, you could get hold of a reusable grill or fire pit that you can light up whenever you want! Keep a good stock of charcoal briquettes and lighting fluid too.

B&M Top Tip: Acquire the right equipment for all the cooked meats and meat-free alternatives you’ll be making. Foil trays are handy to keep your grill clean and cook fiddly food. 

Plan the Perfect Menu

Make sure you have enough of everything - burgers and hotdogs always go down well, but you could also include interesting alternatives like lamb grills, chicken strips, halloumi burgers, pies and pastries.

Why not give your barbecue party menu a theme? Asian, Carribean and American-inspired flavours all work beautifully when it comes to grilled food.

Provide complementary side dishes and condiments too, and stock up with loads of buns

Don’t forget dessert! Decadent ice cream always goes down well on hot days.

B&M Top Tip: Your meat-free friends will probably prefer that you cook their dishes on a separate grill, away from more carnivorous foods.

Keep the Cocktails Flowing

Summer cocktails add real class to a garden party. Try to create drinks that are refreshing and work well with your food options. Sangria is cool and sparkling with a red wine hit - perfect for beef lovers.

Those who enjoy fish might like a light gin-based drink to accompany it, while white wine sets off chicken beautifully.

B&M Top Tip: Don’t forget summer drinks for kids, teetotallers and drivers! J2O does some delicious, fruity, booze-free beverages.

Provide Entertainment

Keep the mood light and help conversation to flow by ensuring that everyone has fun! Why not lay out some lawn games or organise a pre-meal rounders match?

Make sure there’s something to everyone’s taste - a photo corner with props might be fun for younger attendees, while the older contingent may be content with a deckchair and a nice cold drink.

Decorate the Garden

Make your BBQ party special by adding a little flair to your surrounding environment. 

Hang string lights around fences or in trees for a little magic and romance. Put up an awning for shelter from the sun or drizzle (but keep the grill far away in the open air). Make sure there’s enough seating for everyone.

Attention to detail is important. Pick up enough cute disposable plates and cups for your whole party to save on washing up and keep your chosen theme going.

B&M Top Tip: You can even control which areas are used for which activities - for example, by pre-arranging picnic tables and blankets to keep the food consumption concentrated in one spot (for a quicker cleanup)!

All you need for a memorable barbecue party is the right equipment, the right food and drinks, entertainment that suits all tastes and attractive decor!

B&M Top Tip: Find more information and inspiration by checking out our BBQ section right here.

What makes your barbecues legendary? Share your top tips with the B&M Community via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

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