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Barbecues & Portable BBQs

Find BBQs and BBQ Accessories at B&M

If you’re gearing up for the best BBQ season ever, you’ll need top of the range BBQ equipment and your choice of dual fuel, gas or charcoal barbecue to cook on. Take a look at B&M’s full range to choose the right BBQ for you.

Portable BBQs

Chase the sun with the help of a light disposable family-sized BBQ or a smaller model. These barbecues are built for convenience, so you can enjoy cooked food wherever you are.

Gas BBQs

A gas BBQ is great for long sessions, as it will stay alight for as long as you have the propane to fuel it! These models come with a range of great features for grill chefs who like to show off a little.

Charcoal BBQs

They may be the more traditional of the bunch, but that certainly doesn't make them basic. We offer charcoal BBQs of all kinds and sizes - some with a built-in smoker - and you can even pick up the briquettes to go with it!

BBQ Accessories

Visit B&M to pick up stainless steel tongs, spatulas and forks - along with disposable wooden skewers and even cleaning products to keep your BBQ shiny and well maintained.

We also offer griller trays, firelighters and lighting fluid to help you along.

So, whatever kind of barbecue you prefer - compact or large, gas or charcoal - and whatever style of grill chef you may be, you’ll find everything you need in B&M’s BBQ range.

Check out our beautiful chimeneas for a unique alternative - and browse our outdoor solar lighting solutions to help the party continue way into the evening!


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