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Camping Equipment

Find Camping Equipment at B&M

From affordable, high quality camping tents to festival tents, sleeping bags and more, you can select all of the camping accessories you need from B&M’s Camping Equipment section.

Pop Up Tents

Traditional tents can be a bit fussy and complicated to put up. For something quick and easy, go for a pop up tent. They spring right up and just need securing with a few pegs.

The models offered by B&M hold 2-3 people, making them perfect small family tents.

Sleeping Bags

Stay warm and cosy at night with affordable, high quality sleeping bags. Our range is available in numerous colours with either a “Mummy” or “Envelope” design. Their 200 gsm weight means that you’ll be well protected without overheating.

Folding Camping Chairs

If you’re planning to sit around a warm camping stove or fire and watch the stars, you’ll need a few comfy folding chairs.

Ours come in a range of colours with handy features such as cup holders - plus, there are cute patterned kids’ versions as well!

You can even choose an awesome folding picnic table for the whole family.

Inflatable Beds

Stay comfy and cosy at night by raising yourself off the cold ground on a soft inflatable camp bed. We have single and double options available - plus, you can pick up an electric pump for greater convenience.

Camping Accessories

B&M offers a large selection of other affordable, portable equipment to help make your camping trip a success. From lanterns and head torches to roll mats, picnic rugs and kettles to be used with camping stoves and a variety of other camping equipment.

Visit B&M to pick up sleeping bags, air beds, folding chairs and accessories for camping as well as festival tents, backpacking tents or any other shelter of this kind. Don’t forget your waterproof jackets!

For more al fresco dining solutions, check out our Picnicware section.


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