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Find Garden Planters and Plant Pots at B&M

Many plants grow best when cultivated within pots and planters instead of beds. However, this isn’t the only reason people make use of containers of this kind.

Carefully chosen troughs, hanging baskets and pots from B&M’s range can help you to create different levels and arrange your beautiful plants in any way you want, adding unique character to your garden. They can also be a decorative focal point in their own right.

Hanging Baskets

Lifting your plants off the ground can revolutionise your garden setting, creating interest at a range of levels and brightening areas that would otherwise be dead space.

Let your plants speak for themselves with subtle and simple options, or make a big statement with stylish, on-trend hanging pots and decorative brackets.

Plant Pots and Planters

There are so many options when it comes to garden planters and plant pots. Choose from rustic wooden planters and half-barrels or sharp, tall pots and square planters for a more contemporary look.

Decorative Planters

From the cute and kitsch to the elegant and modish, B&M offers a wide selection of planter and plant pot options. 

Mix and match to create a unique garden theme that suits your preferences precisely, or pick up a number of different models from our matching ranges, such as our New York or Babylon Garden designs.

You can even find kids’ planters to encourage your little gardeners in their craft!

From the practical to the decorative, and from the dizzying heights of hanging baskets to the low lengths of troughs, B&M has a huge selection of pots and planters for you to choose from.

Take a look at our decorative garden accessories for lovely touches to complement your plants and planters.


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