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Hanging Baskets & Wall Planters

Shop Hanging Baskets and Wall Planters at B&M

Hanging baskets and wall planters are the vertical canvases that turn any space into a blooming paradise. Elevate your garden by adorning walls and suspended spaces with these versatile containers, adding a touch of greenery and floral elegance to your outdoor haven. It's a excellent way to add a greater number of more varied plants in your garden without reducing the space for you and your family to move around.

Hanging Baskets

We've got everything you need to get your hanging baskets swinging in the breeze in no time. Begin by securing a sturdy hanging basket bracket in a location that receives the right amount of sunlight for your plants. Depending on your outdoor walls, you may need one of our handy power tools to secure this properly. Ensure your hanging basket is equipped with a reliable metal chain or strong rope, allowing it to hang securely. The advantage of a hanging basket is you can remove it from the bracket to tend to the plants on a surface at a comfortable level.

Once your basket is in place, line the basket with the correct-sized hanging basket liner. You may need to cut this down to fit, then fill it with nutrient-rich compost, choose your favourite blooms or trailing plants, and water regularly for a delightful display that will transform any space.

Wall Planters

If you don't fancy a hanging basket swinging in the breeze or want to keep your planter flat against your house or garden buildings to preserve space, then a wall planter is ideal for you. Place the screws and hang your wall planter in the best location for your plants. It can be easier to tend the plants from a ladder whilst leaving the wall planter in situ.

Window Box Planters

If you don't fancy the DIY element of hanging the above products, then a window box planter might be best for you. If your window sill is large and sturdy enough you may be able to avoid any drilling! Window box planters also give you a wonderful bonus as your look out over the garden, framing your view with beautiful flowers. Window boxes are also a popular way to grow herbs for cooking.

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