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New Garden Range at B&M.


Shop Propagation Supplies at B&M Stores

Trying plant propagation this year? Here at B&M, we're all in! Growing your own plants, veggies, and fruits adds a personal touch and fills your space and your garden with fresh homegrown produce and lush plants.

Seed Trays, Propagators and Grow Bags

Kickstart your gardening journey with our seed trays. Perfect for nurturing tiny seedlings, these trays provide a cosy space for your green companions to sprout and thrive. Explore all our seed propagators and plant propagators, as well as versatile grow bags, for an alternative and portable solution to cultivate your plants.

Garden Wire

Time to get crafty! Our garden wire is not just a practical necessity; it's your secret weapon for sculpting your garden into a masterpiece. Use it to support your climbing plants, fashion a DIY trellis, or secure unruly branches.

Garden Mesh and Netting

Protect your green darlings with our garden mesh and netting. Whether shielding delicate plants from curious critters or supporting your climbing vines, these essential garden guardians are here to help.

Other Garden Supplies at B&M

But wait, there's more! Explore our Garden collection for a complete gardening experience. From reliable garden tools to ensure your soil is always in tip-top condition to the perfect watering supplies for thirsty plants, B&M has it all. Don't forget to grab a pair of gardening gloves and explore a fantastic range of other garden maintenance supplies.