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Transform Your Outdoor Space with B&M’s Botanical Garden Range

24 March 2022

B&M's Botanical Garden Range

Follow B&M’s guide on how to transform your garden. We’ll focus on garden design for large and small spaces, including the use of plant pots, window boxes, hanging baskets and garden furniture accessories. Find out how to:

  • Create Some Ambience With String Lights
  • Invest in Some Outdoor Foliage
  • Build a Cosy Seating Area for Guests
  • Invest in Some New Accessories & Decorations 

Add some interest and colour to your garden before the warm weather arrives with B&M’s Botanical Garden range. 

This selection of stunning plant pots, garden furniture accessories and other beautiful items will inspire no end of exciting garden ideas. In this article, the team at B&M will show you how to transform your garden using these great products.

Create Some Ambience With String Lights

Transform your outdoor space into an alfresco wonderland and enjoy your garden well into the night with the help of some beautiful string lights, lanterns or other LED features. 

B&M Top Tip: Well-placed fairy lights are ideal for demarcating an area, breaking up smaller spaces and giving an exciting sense of variety. The lights in our Botanical Garden range are solar-powered, so their beautiful warm glow costs you nothing!

B&M's Botanical Garden Range 1

Invest in Some Outdoor Foliage

Anyone can learn good garden design! Visit B&M’s in-store garden centres to select your perfect plants. Choose a colour scheme, research the care and seasonal activity of each breed and invest in a mix of heights and textures for a great effect all year round.

B&M Top Tip: A combination of planters, window boxes and hanging baskets can help you to transform your outdoor space by displaying plants at a range of levels for extra interest.

B&M's Botanical Garden Range 2

Build a Cosy Seating Area for Guests

Spend more time outdoors by picking up good quality garden furniture. Dress it up with beautiful accessories such as shower-proof scatter cushions to make it as attractive and cosy as you can!

You could even create a whole outdoor kitchen with the help of a good BBQ or grill!

B&M Top Tip: Keep biting insects at bay with the aid of citronella products.

B&M's Botanical Garden Range 3

Invest in Some New Accessories & Decorations

Garden planning is very similar to interior design, in that it’s easy to create interesting focal points using well-chosen items.

Pick up gorgeous plaques, wall art and hanging decor, or go big with a stylish water feature for exciting effects.

B&M Top Top: Don’t forget to give gates, fences and older furniture a fresh lick of paint to help all of your new features stand out.

Using the stylish new products from B&M’s Botanical Garden range, it’s possible to make an amazing difference to both large and small gardens!

Check out the full complement of products right here.

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